Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sneak Peek

I know everyone is waiting to hear how our Make A Wish trip to Disney World went but I am very overwhelmed at the thought of posting about it. There is so much to say and so many pictures! It was one of the most amazing weeks I have ever had in my life. One day I know I will never forget is Saturday, Aug 7 for a few reasons:
1st Millie had BEDHEAD for the 1st time since she lost her hair. I wish I had taken a picture.
2nd we got to eat breakfast with the princesses and it was amazing. They were all so sweet to her. Cinderella even made one of her wishes come true by dancing with Millie.
3rd we spent the day in The Magic Kingdom. I will talk more about all of this later, but I thought I should get on and blog a little about Millie.
I never had a chance to write before we left but Millie was so tired the weekend before we left so I decided to have her blood counts checked on Monday. Everything looked alright except her ANC was only 200. That is soooooooooo low. I can't believe they actually let us go to Disney World, but our nurse said, "Go and have fun". They did take Millie off all of her chemo for the week and we retested her counts today. Her ANC was up some, but still lower then we'd like at 900. One of her doctors decided to put her back on her chemo at 1/2 the dose. We cut her 6mp in half and only give her 3 out of the 5 pills of her Methotrexate. She is doing well, but she tires easily and is ornery.
I promise I'll post about Disney soon, but not tonight.

Here's a sneak peek

Millie rode the carousel with Belle over and over again.


Danalisa said...

sorry to hear about the ANC counts. How long will that take to correct? The pic is adorable and I can't wait to see more!

Eisha said...

O so cute!!

Chelsea said...

It looks so magical! Millie looks like she's in heaven..and what little girl wouldn't be? I can't wait to see more pics!