Friday, 28 August 2009

We'll have a baby today!

Well I am still progressing and the baby is now totally breach. Because my water can break at any second they are scheduling me for a c-section at 3;30. They wanted to do it sooner, but I had another steroid shot yesterday and they are hoping I'll wait till 3:00 so it can have it's full effect on his lungs.

I really wish we could have put this off a little longer. I was praying to make it until he was 32 weeks, but he just won't listen. We are 2 days away from hitting 31 weeks. They are estimating him to weigh around 2-3 pounds. He is going to be tiny, but I know he will be strong. Everyone has done as much as they can and I know we have a lot of prayers coming our way! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support.

We will be a family of 4 TODAY!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back in the Hospital

Well, we're back in the hospital. Amanda is progressing, so it looks like we're here for good. The little man is sideways, so unless that changes, we're in for a C section.

Amanda isn't having any contractions, so it probably won't be tonight, but it will most likely be within the next few days.

We're so grateful for all the family, friends, and neighbors who have helped so far, and for my employer Magnum Energy, who has been so incredibly gracious through all of this.

We'll keep you posted...

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Millie

I was going through old pictures to pass some time and I came across this...

I miss playing with my little one. This is one of my favorite pictures of Millie and I. She is always making me laugh and I hate being stuck in this bed when I only have a small amount of time to be ONLY her mom. I wish I could spend my days playing with her, going to the zoo, the park, and taking in every moment before becoming a mother of 2.

I love you Millie and although I can't wait for your little brother to join our family, I am going to miss it being just the two of us.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Another Day

I had my appointment today and things are looking good. I have not progressed since last week. HOORAY!
You think I would have been celebrating and although I am of course happy that our baby boy is behaving a little better I had a rough time today. All in all I have been doing pretty well emotionally with all of this, but I was teary all day. You win some and you lose some. I do count myself lucky that I have such an amazing family. Everyone has been so wonderful. I haven't had to stress about one thing. Millie is taken care of, my house is clean, my errands get done, dinner is served, and all I do is sit here.

Thank you so much for all the help! I really am blessed!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Naughty Boy

If words like "cervix" and "thinned" gross you out then don't read this post.

I had my regular OB appointment August 4th and because we were getting ready to head to Lake Powell and I'd had a little stomach tightening my doctor decided to do an internal. I HATE internals. It doesn't matter how many times I get them done or that I have already had a baby, my knees always jerk together. I can't help it.
Anyway, I was shocked to find out I had been contracting quite a bit. I don't really feel any pain with my contractions until after my water breaks. At least it was that way with Millie and so far the same deal with this pregnancy. I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. Dr. Rappleye sent me straight to the hospital to be monitored.
I was so freaked out! Luckily I wasn't contracting so they gave me a steroid shot and told me to come back tomorrow for another one. With lots of prayers we made it through those crucial 48 hours after receiving my shots and now we are playing the waiting game.
When you hear someone is on bedrest, there is always a part of me that thinks, "Lucky Rats, I want to sit in bed all day". Of course I know that really it would be awful, but it does sound a bit relaxing when you're not the one stuck there.
I have never been so frustrated. It's so hard to sit here and have someone else do everything for me. I am only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom. I can't even sit up to eat. The heartburn that comes with eating laying down is horrific. Sometimes I just want to cry. It never feels like my food is totally settled, it's always in my throat.
I had a follow up Tuesday, Aug 11 and I am still dilated to a 2, but now I'm 70-80% effaced. I hit 29 weeks tomorrow and am doing good. At this point I will have a check up every Tuesday and hope things don't progress too much more. As long as I can stay at a 2 I will be happy. I'll let you know how Tuesday goes.