Thursday, 19 August 2010

Day 6 Hollywood Studios and Epcot

We got a small break from the heat today, it randomly POURED rain. It was fun though and Millie couldn't have been happier to have matching rain ponchos. Hollywood Studios ROCKED! We first went on the Toy Story ride and it was great! We also took a little time to hit some of the Big Kid rides. Sherry and I went on the Aerosmith Roller Coaster (not sure what it's called), while Millie ate and Austin slept. It was awesome! I've never been on a ride where you just shoot off from the beginning and I loved the music playing right in our ears. We also hit the Tower Of Terror and Millie came too! She said she hated it after, but she didn't scream or cry during it. Personally I think she had fun. ;)

We went to see Beauty and The Beast, it was a great play and a nice way to get out of the rain.
I loved it and so did Millie but she was a little sleepy.
Austin was being a stink so he and Brady had to sit by themselves near the exit.

We also took Millie to see The Voyage of The Little Mermaid. I completely missed it, because Austin had had enough and he wasn't shy about telling us!
After trying to keep it short at Hollywood Studios we decided to stop by Epcot. We took the ferry and it turned into a little bit of a nightmare. The Rain came POURING down and since there was thunder and lightning they had to pull to the side and wait the storm out.
Epcot was neat, but it took longer to do the things we wanted and we were all pretty dang exhausted by the end of the day.
Since we were trying to keep it short we only went into Germany and China. Germany so we could get a pretzel..YUM and China so Millie could meet Mulan.

Mulan Love

Millie dancing while she waits for Daffy's autograph.

When Austin wears his striped shirt Millie always calls him Nemo so I had to take his picture while Brady, Sherry, and Millie went on Soarin'

Because of the rain I didn't get many pictures this day. I wish I'd taken a lot more!
This was our last night staying in GKTW village and I cried all night. We had such and amazing week and I didn't want it to end. I really could have used one more day to soak everything in. I am grateful our flight wasn't until the afternoon because the next day we were able to go to SeaWorld...


Danalisa said...

LOVE the Nemo pic! Love Millie's little dress! Sounds like a fun day, even with the rain. Brady you need to smile when holding a beer cup that large (even if you prefer not to drink it haha). Can't wait to read about SeaWorld!! I was there when I was 7..the year Shamu was born!!

Chelsea said...

Darn that rain! Not that it stopped you guys. Looks like you guys made the best of it. Cam and Millie REALLY are going to be little twins- Cam has 2 of the Target dresses I've seen Millie in. Ha ha..good ole Target! I have to admit, I'm going to be sad when your Disney posts are done. I have just been eating them up!!!