Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wishes Do Come True.

Honestly I don't know where to begin or really how to put into words how grateful I am. Brady and I have known for about a month now that Millie's wish to dance and be with the princesses was going to be grated with a trip to Disney World. Last night was Amelia's Send Off and Star Raising Party, It was an amazing night and she couldn't have been sweeter when they told her.

Princess Amelia Entering The Wishing Place

The 1st thing we did once everyone arrived was go on a tour of the building. Millie was able to show her whole family all the fun things she got to do when she originally came and made her wish. One of those things was using her very own special key to the Wishing Tower. We talk about the wishing tower HERE.

Princess Amelia in the Wishing Tower

(I love this picture)

Next on the agenda; CAKE!

"May All Your Dreams Come True Amelia"

Yum Yum


She's coming off her steroids and since everyone was staring at her she was a little shy, but the second she got home she wanted to start packing. We leave next week and I am so glad we didn't tell her any sooner, it would have been torture. She has been telling random people all day that she gets to go and see where the princesses live. Amelia has NO IDEA what she's in for. When Make A Wish grants a wish to Disney you stay in the most amazing place, Give Kids The World Village. Santa is there every Thursday and it SNOWS! There is a 24 hour ice cream bar, play grounds, a train that drives them around, they get tucked in at night by the princesses and a giant bunny that happens to be the mayor of the village. The list goes on and on and that's only through where we are staying. Millie will have a very special badge to wear that tells all the Disney employees that she is EXTRA special and they take wonderful care of her. She never will have to wait in a line which is a blessing in it's self since she gets tired so fast, plus I'm a HUGE wuss when it comes to the heat so it's a dream come true for me as well! Make A Wish takes care of everything! I can't wait to spend a completely stress less week with Amelia running around in a dream.

I can't wait!
Millie with her Wish Granters, Vicky and Casey.

They also got Millie a cute backpack full of goodies for the plane ride. She refused to take it off and it was bigger then she is.

Millie and her Grandpa Jager

Next Millie got to Raise Her Star. Every Make A Wish child has their very own star hanging in the building. It's a very overwhelming feeling to look up at all the beautiful stars and think of the dreams that have been granted from such and amazing charity.These stars represent hope.

Millie writing on her star. She came up with Princess Amelia.

Getting ready to raise it up. She pulled on the yellow string you can see behind her until it was high in the sky.

They also had a scrapbook for everyone to sign. It will stay at the Make A Wish Building but Millie can visit it whenever she wants.

Hannah Banana signing the book

The Crew that came to support Millie, Brady, Austin and I:

Cousin Sherry, Grandpa Jager, Grandma Jager, Aunt Codie, Kaylee, Brianna, Uncle Roscoe, Aunt Lindsay, Cyndell, Lilly, Jager, Oliver, Oscar, Grandpa Jeff, Nana, Uncle Bry, Aunt Kimmi, Abbie, Hannah, Lincoln, Uncle Andy, Aunt Kim

(click to enlarge)

Before everyone left Amelia treated us all to a proper princess curtsy and a lovely princess dance.


Thank you so much to the Utah Chapter of The Make A Wish Foundation and to our wishgranters. You amaze me.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


Eisha said...

O- Tear! She is so cute!

Missy said...

Amazing! Have a great trip!

Emily said...

That is the greatest thing I've heard!! You all deserve such a happy, wonderful adventure!! Enjoy it:)

Jodi and Tony said...

How awesome is that. Millie so deserves it and so do you. Have a blast!

Jesse C said...

This is so great.

lindsay Roscoe said...

WOOHOO!! You guys will have a blast! What a magical time! I am excited for you all. Thanks for letting us be there we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

nsudburyfam said...

This will be one of the best weeks of your life! Give Kids the World is an absolutely AMAZING place and the people at Disney will go above and beyond! Kaidan still talks about her wish.

Chelsea said...

Cami just got her box in the mail today and I teared up just having her open it! Now I am full blown crying (AGAIN)! WOW! What a special place!

I know I haven't known Millie long, but I feel like I have. I have read your blog over and over again and watched (through pics) what she has gone through. I know there is much more you didn't share on your blog that your entire family has gone through on a day to day basis. You have all stayed so strong and positive. Mille certainly deserves this, YOU certainly deserve this and your family deserves it! I cant wait to see pics from your fabulous trip! Have fun!!!!!!

Danalisa said...

That is just amazing! Hope you all have a great time!!

di said...

So nice to meet you on Saturday. Your Millie is so darling! Enjoy your well-deserved MAGICAL vacation!!!!!

communikate. said...

Hooray for Millie! She's well deserving of such a wish!

Enjoy your trip!

The Yarn Queen said...

Smiling through my tears. Have a wonderful time.