Saturday, 31 May 2008

Warning: Jager Girls On The Loose

I so have not been in the mood to blog, but I had to get some pictures up from this past week since BOTH my SISTERS were here visiting us in Oxford. We had such a great time and we were able to see so much with the help of Brady and his "babysitting" abilities.

The girls arrived Thursday morning and we got settled and toured around Oxford. Friday we went to Bath. Saturday Brady rented a car and drove us to Stratford and also to see the ruins of a castle. Sunday my sisters and I went to London. Monday we shopped all day in Oxford and then Tuesday we toured the colleges. The week went by so fast! And it was amazing to have them here with us. Millie is acting up a little and I think it's cause she missed her aunts. Poor girl. It really was unreal to be able to share my Oxford life with my sisters. It is something I will never forget. Thank you girls and thank you to your husbands for making it all happen. It truly was a once in a life time opportunity for all three of us to be here at once.

Thank you again.

I miss you and I love you.


Codie Lindsay Millie

Lindsay Codie Me

View from St. Michael's Tower (it's the oldest building in Oxford)

Outside Radcliffe Square ( I love this picture and it was funny taking it cause Codie set her timer so we had to try it 10 times before we got one without a person walking through)

Millie "booing the birdies" outside St. Mary's Cathedral

Stratford (Shakespeare's birthplace)

The Castle (Lindsay what was it called again?)


The pictures below are from London

we HEART Harry Potter and YES we made a special trip to see Kings Cross Station with platform 9 3/4 Buckingham gates

Riding the fairy from the London Tower to Big Ben and the London Eye.

This is Brady playing Risk with Tony on the left, Gareth on the right, and Sven taking the picture. Even though it was Brady's first time playing, he dominated the other Merton boys. The classic fist-pump as Brady defeats Gareth to take control of North America.

If you want to see more of our adventures (aka Lindsay) will be posting some soon.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Quack Quack

When Millie was really little she use to have a towel that's hood looked like a duck head but before we moved we bought her a bigger towel and she still hasn't realized it's not the same one. Really why would she since it's always on her, it's not like you take your towel off an examine it after every wear. Yet every single time she takes a bath she has to start quaking when we get her out, then run to show the other parent that she's a duck. she says, "Silly Millie". She cracks me up!
A few pictures I took last night of our "duck"

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Nothing says Happy Anniversay like a Man In Tights...

So Brady surprised me with a trip to Robin Hood Territory...NOTTINGHAM! We had so much fun! Friday we drove 4 hours to our hotel (should have been 2 hours..TRAFFIC), we got settled and headed out to get some dinner. Brady we so sweet. He kept surprising me the whole trip including taking me to my favorite restaurant here in England, Caffe Uno. Oxford used to have one but it closed six months ago. After that we strolled through town, did a little shopping and then went to see Iron Man. I really didn't want to see it, but Brady had been so sweet the whole trip I thought I at least owed him that. I ended up LOVING it. Saturday we drove to Sherwood Forest and went for an awesome bike ride. It rained on us most the time and Brady's bike broke, but it made the trip even better. We were also able to see the legendary Oak Tree that is thought to be the place were Robin Hood and his Merry Men would meet.
Thanks Brady for a fabulously trip and thanks to The Gotz and Swinton Families for helping us out with Millie. We are so luckily to have such great friends!
I can't believe it has already been 5 years! Time Flies when you're having fun!

Nottingham City Square
Way Bad Picture I know, but we were so happy to be in a "normal" theater I couldn't help but jump on the seats!

This was actually after we went biking which is why I look so disgusting.

Do you think Robin Hood himself hid here before an ambush?

We Love

It's hard to tell in this picture but the rear derailer snapped off and it totally bent the wheel.

THE tree

Friday, 16 May 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

Well actually our anniversary isn't until tomorrow but Brady and Millie surprised me this morning with a yummy breakfast and then continued to inform me that I need to pack because we are going on a little weekend trip! He still won't tell me where we are going or what we're doing, but I am excited! I have the sweetest Honey in the whole world! It's funny cause I have been trying to find a babysiter for tomorrow but no one was avalible (Brady had EVERYONE in on his secret). Our great friends the Gotz are going to take Millie over night so we are totally off the hook for a couple days.

Stay tuned to find out more...

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hope you're ready for A LOT of pictures!

Brady had a long weekend so we headed out on a little adventure with our friends The Swinton Family. They have two little girls and Millie adores them. It's so fun to watch her play with the girls.
Anyway, I have a ton of pictures here so get settled...

Saturday we stop in Winchester on our way to Portsmouth

Winchester Cathedral
Jane Austin was buried there
Mary Olivia and Millie
Winchester was such a cute little town

Wolvesey Castle was destroyed in 1646 during the English Civil War
We spent that night in a Marriott Hotel in Portsmouth and really it was so nice! Brady and I share a tiny bed here and we had a King, we went swimming, plus we woke up to an American breakfast ! Thank you Marriott.
Sunday morning we went to church and set out to see Portsmouth. We toured around a little and then headed on to to Arundel to see yet another castle. It was so amazing. It really has been my favorite castle so far!

We spent the second half of our day in Brighton and it was a blast. It didn't feel like Mother's Day, but it didn't matter. I was with my family and friends doing what I love...going on RIDES!

That night we ate dinner at a little Italian place that was pretty good once they brought our food.

Millie liked it!

Leaving Brighton the traffic was at a stand still so Isha jumped out for a photo of the Royal Palace. It was really cool, we toured it earlier in the day. It's nothing like what you think of when you picture an English Royal Palace.

Monday Brady and I took Millie to see Windsor Castle. It's the oldest castle that is still in use today. They mentioned that the Queen lives there on the weekends. It was pretty neat but what I liked the most was a doll house that was an exact replica of the castle. The Queen's niece had it made for her. It really was astounding.

This is such a Brady face. I Love him.

I know this is a silly picture but I love it, Smile lines and all.

This must be where the Mad Hatter lives...