Friday, 27 August 2010

Happy 1st Birthday AUSTIN

From THIS in his 1st month of life...

(click to enlarge)
To THIS...
I can't believe my teenie, tiny, little guy is 1! When did this happen? Suddenly I hear a fiddle and Tevye singing, "Sunrise, Sunset".
I can not tell you how much we all love Austin. It's hard to imagine that we waited 4 years for him to join our family, but I know it was a blessing that he came when he did.
I love you Austin and I am so grateful for your life.

About My Little Man:
  • He is CRAZY!
  • He makes the funniest faces
  • He loves to be chased
  • He won't eat baby food at all - he wants what we're eating and he let's us know it
  • He can say dad (when he's happy), mom (when he's upset), kitty, baabaa (for bottle), Hi!
  • Austin always wants to be where Millie is
  • He gets really excited when he gets something he's not suppose to have
  • It's impossible to get him dressed or change his diaper
  • He's the happiest when he's doing something he's not suppose to do
  • If you turn your back on him to leave the room he freaks out!
  • He crawls really fast!
  • Still has his tongue out constantly
  • He let us help him take a few steps the other day (PROGRESS)
  • He loves to play ball and peekaboo
  • He is DANG CUTE!



Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Austin!!! I'm sad I'm not there to give him a big birthday squeeze! I can not believe it has already been a fun. Love and miss you guys. Xoxo

Danalisa said...

Happy Birthday Austin!! Can't believe he is one either!

keri and taylor said...

Happy Birthday Austin! I can't believe it has been a year! He is so cute and sounds like me son! Good luck with the party!

Mike and Me said...

Austin looks so much like Amanda when she was little and alot like his grandpa Jager. He is such a good and happy baby. His gives you hugs and those perfect open mouth baby kisses and my grandma heart just melts.
I want you to grow up of course and do all the things that you should when you should, but on the ohter hand I really need you to stay the baby! what a delema? And did you know that you are our favorite grandson?........your size of course.
love Grandma and Grandpa