Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 4 and MORE Universal

We started out our 2nd day at Universal visiting ET. I LOVED this ride. I really think it was one of my favorites. I admit I was a bit emotional on this trip with so much going on, but I totally teared up when our bikes started flying through the sky. Millie also loved it. It was fun to experience it with her. My little man Austin is named after my older brother Austin. He passed away when he was 5, ET was his favorite movie. I think it just made it a little more special for me. Millie will be 5 in about a month and I just pictured how much he would have enjoyed it.

Brady with ET

George was outside when we walked out of the ride. One of Millie's favorite shows is George. She kept asking me if he was really real.

"I like to Movie It, Move It"
Next it was off to explore Fievel's Play Land. They had a tube ride that got us all soaked. I was a good mom though and took her on it again.
Me thinking that if I flinched I might not get as wet, It didn't work.

Once again it was RIDICULOUSLY HOT so we let Millie run around and play in the water in George's town. This picture makes me laugh.
I'm not a huge Simpson's fan, but it was fun to get a Squishee from the Kwik-E-Mart and there was an awesome virtual ride. It really scared Millie at first but once Brady showed her that it was fake and there were other cars, and people around them she liked it a little better. Well, she must of since she went on it again with me.

She's tall enough!

After our long walk to the car we got home, rested for a bit, and then headed to a Pirate and Princess Party at the pool in the GKTW Village.

The Mayor and his wife, Mrs. Mary were there dressed up as well.
After Mrs. Mary changed out of her Princess Costume and into her PJs, she came and tucked Miss. Amelia into bed.

Good Night Miss. Amelia, tomorrow is going to be an even BIGGER DAY!


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Danalisa said...

so cute! I love that your brother loved ET. It scared the crap out of me as a kid and my mom thought it was so funny that throughout my life that same ET doll has appeared in my closet and other un-fun places for me to find. LOL

Jesse C said...

Looks like you had an amazing time.

Duchess said...

Amanda, this is so sweet. What a magical experience for Millie.

lindsay Roscoe said...

Very sweet!