Monday, 16 August 2010

Day 3 Universal and LOTS OF FUN

Thursday morning started out with a visit from some of the Disney characters at the village. They never know beforehand who will be coming, but Millie was sure to bring her Micky Mouse along just in case he'd be there and both Millie and Austin had on their Minnie and Mickey PJs. She wanted to be twinners.

On her way to see who came to visit

GUESS WHO CAME: BELLE (Millie's very favorite Princess), Pluto, and Goofy

We also ran into Minnie and Mickey. It's so fun to meet the characters at the village. They really make sure to make the kids feel extra special. Minnie and Mickey took pictures and played with Austin and Millie inside and then brought her out to play and skip around. She loved it. When we were getting ready to head back home to get dressed Belle saw Millie and pulled her aside. She asked Millie if she would come meet her at the carousel and go for a ride with her. Millie lit up! She couldn't believe it. We had to hurry home and get her Belle costume on so they could match.

There were lizards everywhere. Millie was excited to hold the baby. Can you see it on her thumb?

After changing and eating breakfast Millie met up with Belle. When she got back I asked her how it was and you could tell she was overwhelmed by the experience. She didn't want to talk about it, it was almost like it was to special to share. If you Amelia what her favorite part of the week was she will saying riding with Belle on the carousel.

Look how happy she is!

After leaving the village we headed to Universal Studies. We were so grateful to have cousin Sherry come along with us to help with Austin and she also played navigator. I think Brady and I would have been completely lost all the time if she wasn't with us.

Millie ridin' the waves

Millie LOVED Seuss Landing. It was the 1st time we really rode any real rides. She looks so little in this picture.

Not the best picture, but she had to ride the Seuss Carousel and Austin was happy to get out of the stroller.

Brady and Millie on the flying fish.

Millie posing like the Grinch

After Seuss Landing it was off to HOGWARTS! The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter was AWESOME! It was so dang HOT and you walked into Hogsmeade and as you looked up and saw the snow on all the roofs it looked so real it almost made us feel cooler, as least for a second. The pictures don't do it justice. It really was amazing. We didn't go into any of the stores since there were crazy long lines (not sure if our special button would have worked) and Millie didn't care about them.
The Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry

We did go on one ride while we were there; The Flight Of The Hippogriff. Millie LOVED it! The line was sooooooo long, at least a 2 hour wait and we walked right up the exit and onto
the ride. Since we had to take turns (Austin couldn't go on it), Millie got to go three times! We felt a little bad since so many others were waiting to go.

Millie trying to talk Brady into letting her go AGAIN! We had to say NO. At some point it's just rude.
Sherry and I enjoying our Butter Beer. It tasted like Cream Soda with a Butterscotch twist, YUM!

After one more ride in Universal, Pteranodon Flyers, we needed a break from the heat and headed back to the village. I thought I would melt before getting back to the car. It's a LONG way out of Universal Studios.

GKTW (Give Kids The World) does a really cool thing were they give every child a star to write their name on and it goes on the ceiling of their castle. It will always be there and if we ever make it back to Florida they can look up where Millie's star is and they will light it up.

Millie writing, "Princess Amelia Flamm" on her star

Next it was time to eat and then see SANTA CLAUS! That's right, Santa comes every Thursday to the village and bring presents for all the kids. We also went on a carriage ride. So cool!

Last but not least Brady Lost His Tooth AGAIN! Austin headbutted him at dinner and the temporary snapped. It was nothing a little super glue wouldn't fix...


lindsay Roscoe said...

Lol! Oh Brady you and your poor little tooth. I guess you are just meant to be a toothless man. So sad/funny. Now the rest of your day sounds wonderful!

Chelsea said...

We just got home from Make a Wish and I had to check your blog! Looks like we will be going sometime in February. It all looks so incredible- I'm getting really excited!

What an adorable and thoughtful Belle! What a wonderful memory for Millie. She will forever have a special connection with Belle.

AND what a great idea to bring a family member to help -having an extra set of hands helping must have been SUPER nice!

Missy said...

That image of Millie riding on the Carousel with Belle is so precious! What a great trip for her. I am so happy that you guys were able to do this.
Mmmm'mmm and that butterbeer looks great!

Danalisa said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! I'm so jealous of the Hogwarts! I didn't know they had that there! haha Brady's tooth is hilarious! So glad Millie had her Belle day!

Eisha said...

I get on just to read about millie!

McCall said...

universal looks awesome!

i love the pictures of her head of hair! how exciting that it is starting to grow back in! yay!

Jesse C said...

Kinda digging the half tooth Brady, you should consider just rolling with it.