Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 95 or so

This was written last week around day 95, just never got around to posting it and I'm trying to catch up. It reads like Amelia hasn't had her birthday yet, but it was Friday. Today is also her day 100, and all her test results are back. 

At the end of this week I feel a little less pressure on my shoulders. I feel like I can breath. Millie is CANCER FREE and there is so much to celebrate. We are coming up on her 7th birthday, the CureSearch walk, and her 100 day post transplant. Life is not normal by any means, but for us it's starting to feel like it is.
All of Amelia's tests aren't back yet, we are still waiting on her chimerism in her marrow  (translation; how much of her marrow is from the new donor, hopefully 100%). The results of this test will decide how the next few months go. 

I have been asked a lot if Amelia is fine now  that she is cancer free and if she can go to school and stuff. The answer is No. The plan is still the same. What is keeping Amelia home and with that lovely mask on is her medication called Cyclosporin. Is it was keeps her body from fighting off her new marrow. It weakens her immune system. She will continue to take it for about 3 more months and then she needs a few months to recover from it. We are hoping things will be pretty "normal" for her near the end of March.
All these pictures are from September 26, the day Millie's marrow was tested. I felt so alone and scared. Thankfully we ran into a few of our cancer buddies, had one of our favorite nurses (really, they're all awesome), and got to see Dr. Verma. We miss her!  It really helped take the edge off to be surrounded by so many people that I know care about Millie. Thank you also for everyone who fasted along with us to prepare for this day. As you know our prayers were answered and Amelia was declared cancer free. 


Monday, 17 September 2012

Sunday, 2 September 2012

September: Help Them Grow Old, Wear GOLD!

It's September and this is a HUGE month for our family. September is the start of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, GO GOLD, and please tell everyone.  If you are really brave you can even tell strangers, Millie does!  September also brings Miss Millie's 7th birthday. It's on September 28 and we have a lot to celebrate! Want to celebrate with us? Come support Millie and all our Cancer Cutie friends on the 29th at the CureSearch walk in Sugar House Park. It's only $10 for adults, and kids are FREECureSearch is Amazing. They donate 100% of money raised at the walk to fund Childhood Cancer Research, 100%!  We Need A Cure and helping raise money for research is the best way to make that happen.  We will also be celebrating Millie reaching her 100 day post transplant mark, which is September 30th.  

P.S. MILLIE WILL BE THERE and we can't wait. 

You can sign up for Team Amelia HERE.

Miss Millie 2009 right before her 1st cancer diagnosis. Her initial treatment was just over 2 years when we found out that Amelia still had cancer 3 days after we had celebrated Kicking Cancer's Butt. 

4 years old

You have cancer baby.

Way To Go Millie! You Did It! 
February 2012  
6 years old 

We found out about Millie's relapse 3 days later. She had around a 96% cure rate and it wasn't good enough, it still came back. It will NEVER be good enough until it's 100% cure rate.

Watch Out Cancer! Super Millie is coming for you, AGAIN! 

After 3 rounds of intensive chemotherapy treatments and 8 doses of radiation, Millie's body was prepared to have her bone marrow transplant. We couldn't risk waiting any longer. She went into transplant not having a perfect marrow match and also having some leukaemia. We pray every day that her last blasts of chemo and radiation were enough to put her in full remission before starting yet another battle for her life. 

June 22, 2012. Happy BMT Birthday! 

Please help us cure childhood cancer! Even after everything Millie has gone through and a transplant she still only has a 60% chance of her cancer not coming back. Please, come walk with us.  You can make a difference.  Sign Up HERE to walk with Team Amelia.