Monday, 19 January 2009

I'm not really feelin' the blogging spirit at the moment, but I thought I would at least put these pictures up.
My sister Lindsay threw the annual Jager Scone Party for New Years. We try to do it every year, but it doesn't always happen. This time we had it at a ward house and it was awesome. The kids loved being able to run around freely and the adults loved not having to worry about honey getting all over their furniture.
my silly, sister Codie
My cousin's little boy,"W"

Roscoe, Oli, Oscar
Sorry, no pictures of the delicious scones.

My mom made this darling, little, jammie dress and little man for Millie. She loves it! She calls it her "Princess Jammie Dress" and she now can't sleep without her Matching Man.

Thanks Mom.