Friday, 29 May 2009


Millie constantly makes me laugh but she was the best at the ranch! She had to wear her cowGIRL hat everywhere and randomly she'd yank it off, swirl it in the air and yell, "GeeeHawww" as loud as she could. I love that little nut!

We always have a good time at the ranch, but this weekend was awesome. There were sooooo many people there. The Flamm side of the family is quite large to say the least and the majority of the family was there, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and ALL! We took a family picture but it hasn't been emailed to me yet. I'll post it when it comes.

I'm so grateful we have such a amazing place to get away to.

This dirt bike is just about as old as Brady.

Millie's 1st time by herself on a 4-wheeler. It didn't last long.

Uncle Andy and "Uncle" Kimi

Hannah Banana

The Guys playing a good ol' fashion game of Stick Racing..YES, I said Stick Racing.

Great Granny Flamm with her posse

Best Buds
Hanging out in the back of the 6-wheeler while I take them on a ride.

My Cowgirl

Giddy Up

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Millie's BIG day!

Millie had her 1st dance recital and she couldn't have been any cuter! She absolutely LOVED dancing on "the big stage". She kept saying, "Mommy, when do I get to do that again?"
We are so proud of our little Bear.

Getting ready for her grand entrance.

Her Fans

Nana Flamm, Aunt Carly, Millie, Grandma Jager, Aunt Lindsay

Friday, 8 May 2009

New York! New York!

We had such an awesome time! I LOVED being in the city. I didn't realize how much I missed the life style; walking, taxis, the subway, crowds, I loved it. Then again I didn't have to deal with Millie in the middle of it since she was home with her grandmas!
We got there Thursday afternoon and were introduced into the apartment we would be staying in. Brady's cousin hooked us up with some of her friends that live in NY and they let us stay in their apartment. They were in Chile while we were there so we never even got to meet them. We will always be incredibly grateful to our mystery hosts.
Of course our 1st meal was New York Style Pizza, Check out Brady eating like a true New Yorker.

After dinner we headed to Broadway. It was both of our 1st time seeing Phantom Of The Opera. The production was beautiful.

Friday we decided to take the Open Top Bus Tour and it started POURING rain. We did get to see some of the city before we were flooded out..we hit the world's largest Macy store. It was truly incredible and completely overwhelming! Next we hit up H&M and got some cute new clothes for our new, little man. We also made it up to the Empire State Building although we couldn't see very much because the storm was rolling on in...

On Top Of The World
and then
Taking Cover From The Storm

After the storm we went to see Ground Zero. What an overwhelming experience.

While we were there Brady took this cute picture of us. I love it!

Thank you Katie for recommending The Shake Shack. It was the best burger I have ever had and well worth the wait! Really! (thanks Helene for the picture, I stole it from your facebook).

Friday night we met up with our friends from Germany, Sven and Helene (they were in Oxford with us). We all spent a ridiculous amount of money at the M&M store buying custom colors. Brady wanted to bring home Millie her favorites; pink, yellow, purple. He was so excited to tell her about it and when he did she said, "Dad, I like ALL the colors now". LOL, he spent $9 on basically nothing. By Saturday I was sooooooo tired! Coming out of my 1st trimester and not being use to walking all over the place anymore, I wasn't sure if I was going to last. Brady let me sleep in a little and it helped a ton. After my much needed rest we decided to try our luck at the lottery for the broadway hit "In The Heights". I was so sad our name didn't get called. We really wanted to go.

Next we cruised on down to the Stanton Island Ferry. It drove us right past the Statue Of Liberty. What a beautiful sight. When the boat landed we decided to walk through Wall Street. It was so fun! There was a little carnival going on and got to eat lots and lots of YUMMY food. Is there anything better then roasted corn on the cob? I don't think so!

We REALLY, REALLY wanted to see "In The Heights", so we went back to Time Square to try our luck at the lottery 1 more time and guess what...they called Brady's name and we scored front row tickets for $26.00 bucks. AWESOME!

What better way to celebrate then by posing with the Naked Cowboy.

Brady was most excited for Sunday. Sven, Helene, Brady, and I met up with one of our other Oxford friends Tom. He took the train from Connecticut to come to the Yankees game with us. To bad it got rained out! Oh well, we hit a classic diner in the Bronx and ate doughnuts. Even better.

Brady, Tom, Sven
After stuffing our faces we met up with some more of our great friends from Oxford, The McGill's. Brady was in Merton with Tony and Jodi was one of my greatest friends. It was so good to see them! I couldn't believe how big their little man Wryder had gotten. He is so darling. My only regret about that day was that this was the only picture I got. What was I thinking!

Jodi and Wryder (I miss you guys!)

The Empire State building on our long walk back to our apartment.


Since it was mine and Brady's last night in NYC we made a last minute decision to get sick on chocolate at Serendipity. It was one of my favorite New York moments, maybe it's because I knew we were leaving the next day so I took everything in, or maybe it was the DELICIOUS frozen hot chocolate, or our awesome waiter, or that we laughed all night with our good friends that we won't see for a long time, who knows, I just loved it.

Dig In

Saying Goodbye Monday Morning In Central Park

Next time we go on a trip I think I'll take my good camera. I missed my rebel.

St. George and a a bit of NEWS

Once again I am behind on my posts and I almost didn't put up pictures of our mini vacation to St. George, but we had so much fun that I couldn't pass it up. It was so beautiful up there! We spent our time swimming, eating, and playing at the park. It was my 1st time ever eating at In-n-Out Burger, which was good, but I'm not going to buy a t-shirt or anything.

We also got to catch up with one of my greatest friends. It was so good to see Becca and her family. Her little girl is a cutie!

Greg, Becca, Abby, Me, Brady (Millie refused to get in the picture)
Millie hugging her NEW BABY BOTHER!!! That's right, we're having a BOY!

On our drive back home we decided to go hiking in Zion National Canyon. Brady and I haven't been there since we were kids. It was stunning. I could have posted a million pictures, but since I have to post about New York still I decided to keep this one short.