Thursday, 24 April 2008

Mad Style

Ms. Millie refuses to go anywhere without her Princess Snow White sunglasses that the "Easter Rabbit" gave her. It could be pouring rain and she will insist we go home and get them because the sun hurts her eyes. I just think she's a natural when it comes to the high fashion world.
side note: her oh so stylish crop pants are really here skinny jeans that are now WAY to short since her recent growth spurt.

Thumbs Up!

Millie LOVES cats! We try to come visit this frisky feline once a day. She lives in one of the river boat houses close to our flat.

I heart Spring!

Millie's Nana gave her some Backyardigans music and she was all tuckered out after our morning jam session.
Nighty Night Ms. Millie

Sunday, 13 April 2008

"We Are A Happy Family"

Millie sings "We are A Happy Family" like 500 times a day!
April has already brought us a lot of adventures and it's only just begun. The best part is I found out both my sisters are going to come and visit us in May!!! HURRAY!!! I can't wait.
It's been so nice having Brady home the last few weeks, we are really going to miss him! School starts back up tomorrow and his Environmental Conference is also tomorrow. I am so excited for him and I can't wait to see all his hard work come together.
Here are some random pictures of the past few weeks...
We woke up last week to SNOW! It's the 1st snow storm we have seen since we've been here. It didn't stick around, but it was fun while it lasted.

I'm sure you all know by now that Millie LOVES the backyardigans! Her sweet Nana sent her this little lunch box and she uses it to tot around all her favorite books. We can't go anywhere without it. Thanks Nancy for all the fun gifts!

Having fun in the sun.

This past Friday we decided to rent a car and take a day trip to see Stonehenge. It was pretty cool to see and Millie loved "the rocks". Stonehenge is one of those mysteries of life. They aren't 100% sure what it was used for and they have no idea how 5,ooo years ago the people were able to get these stones from Wales and get them to stay standing up right. Most the stones weigh as much as 7 adult male elephants! Pretty Cool.

There were yellow flower fields all over the place! It was so beautiful and they seemed to go on and on.
"The Magic Roundabout"

Take a good look at the sign...It's a bunch of roundabouts inside a roundabout. It was quite possible the scariest moment of my life. Brady kept us a life and we some how made it through although we had no idea what the heck was going on!

A cute little town in the Cotswold district. Millie loved all the ducks and bridges.

Friday, 4 April 2008


We just got back from a wonderful trip to Ireland. Amanda wishes we had stayed longer than five days, and we're both thinking it wouldn't be a bad place to live - perhaps I should start looking for a job in Ireland...

We rented a car and spent our time driving around the colorful countryside seeing the sights. After nearly killing us a handful of times, I got the hang of driving down the wrong side of narrow roads and shifting with my left hand, and we were ready for some adventures.

On our first full day we drove to see the Cliffs of Moher. It was such a stunning place, and Millie loved it. She couldn't stop talking about the whales that live in the deep blue sea. When she saw the castle on top of the cliffs she got really excited, "Ariel lives there!"

Just stopping on the side of the road to soak up the countryside. This is Millie giving Amanda a "Monster Squeeze."

Just down the street from the cottage we stayed in is Aghadoe Heights, with this nice lookout over the Killarney National Park. Just next to this there was a really cool old cemetary, as well as an old castle we climbed.

The next day we drove around the Dingle Peninsula. We stopped at the Inch Beach to collect seashells and play in the waves. Millie loved it, and Amanda did too, until a wave caught her off-gaurd and filled up her wellies.

Millie was very excited to go on a boat ride. We went for a cruise in the Dingle Bay to see Fungie the dolphin. Millie loved it, but I think I loved it more. We were told we'd see the dolphin who has lived in the mouth of the bay for 20 years, or we'd get our money back, so I assumed we'd catch a glimpse of him. Little did I know he'd circle the boat playfully for the hour we were out there. Every time he swam up to the boat Millie would yell "Hi hunghy!"

We didn't get any great pictures of Fungie as it was raining pretty hard, but Amanda snapped this one real quick when she got the chance. I couldn't believe how he would swim along side the boat a foot or two away from us. It was pretty classic.

Here's a nice shot along our drive back. I wouldn't mind living in one of these little cottages, that's for sure.

We spent the next day driving around the scenic "Ring of Kerry." There weren't many tourists about and it was great. We found this castle just outside Cahersiveen. It was fun to explore it's cool setting right on the beach and we were the only ones there. We found a place to climb up and then climbed down an old stairway that ended with a 6 foot drop into the main room of the castle. We wouldn't mind living in one of the little cottages, and these castles wouldn't be too bad either!

The girls posing on the Gallarus Oratory. This was a really interesting building, but the highlight was watching Millie prance around singing to Pablo.

Millie and me on the hike up to the Torc Waterfall.

We went for a jaunting car ride up the gap of Dunloe. It was fun to see the little farms tucked alongside little lakes in between the mountains. Millie kept asking if we could bring the horse "Barbie" home with us.