Tuesday, 17 August 2010


(This post may be a bit confusing - Amanda wrote the start and I wrote the end.)

When we walked into the Magic Kingdom and she saw the castle she literally was in awe. I couldn't wait to get her inside to see Cinderella. Millie was so excited and I felt incredibly lucky to experience it with her. My baby deserved this!

This was an amazing day, truly amazing. We surprised Amelia with breakfast at The Royal Table at Cinderella's Castle with the princesses. I can't even begin to explain how emotional this was for me and how spectacular it was for Amelia. One of her 3 wishes as Brady mentioned before was to eat with the princesses and they were all incredibly sweet to her. She told every single one of them that her wish was coming true and they all made sure to spend some extra 1 on 1 time with her. Cinderella wasn't there while we ate, but we went and met up with her later and they danced while all the other kids waited to get their pictures taken. Cinderella was lovely and couldn't have been more sweet to grant yet another wish, dancing with the princesses.

She couldn't believe she was seeing Cinderella's castle. It was adorable.

She was so excited, that she had to show us a "princess dance."

Before her breakfast, she met Cinderella's fairy godmother, and told her that she was going to eat breakfast in the castle.

A princess doesn't walk, she gets carried.

The princesses were so nice to her. Snow White had her come up and help with Amelia's magic wand.

Millie and sleeping beauty.

And of course, Cinderella!

Dancing with Cinderella.
We are so grateful for the many wonderful things that the fine people at Disney World did for us.

Now the Rides!
(This portion written by Brady)
It was so hot and humid, we had to get her out of her princess dress. We started with a classic - Dumbo! She loved getting to control the up and down movement!

Checking to see if Austin is the king. Turns out he's not, but he is pretty dang cute!

Meeting Peter Pan and Wendy!

Millie right before going on Splash Mountain. She said she didn't like it, but then insisted on going a second time. She likes the thrill rides just like her mom!

Aladdin and Jasmine were so much fun with her. Millie had colored a picture for each princess. Jasmine asked her to autograph the picture, and told her it would hang in the palace, and that Millie can come see it anytime she wants.

Austin taking a nap in the stroller. He didn't sleep well as we hustled him around the park, but he certainly had fun, and got to go on a lot of rides.

We happened to be walking by when a show was going on in front of the castle. The Disney characters were all there (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.), and suddenly out came the princesses and princes to dance. Millie LOVED it!

They have a special room for wish kids, so we were able to cool down, let Millie rest, let Austin out of the stroller to crawl around, and watch some cartoons. This was yet another amazing thing that Disney World did for us. We needed the rest (we were at Magic Kingdom for over 14 hours that day).

Another Disney classic - the teacups! She giggled the whole time and always wanted to go faster!

Millie got to meet Tinkerbell and her friends. She had gold pixie dust her hair for days.

Austin got his first kiss - from Tinkerbell. Thataboy Austin!

Naveen and Tiana (from the Princess and the Frog) were done and about to leave, but when the saw the magic button showing that she's a wish kid, they stuck around to talk to her. She gave Naveen a kiss, and was so happy to talk to them. She smiled and giggled the whole time.

Is she loving this or what?!

Who doesn't love a parade? The light parade was a lot of fun, and both Millie and Austin loved it!

We capped off one of the most perfect days ever by watching the fireworks. We were all exhausted by the end, but it's a day we'll never forget. We are so very grateful for all those that made this possible for our little princess.

To thank Millie for coming to breakfast, Cinderella sent her a Cinderella Barbie (Amanda bought it and left it for her with a cute note signed by Cinderella). What a great mom she has!


Danalisa said...

AWWW...what a GREAT day!

That was a HOT tinkerbell. LOL

Heidi said...

Gosh I was almost in tears- so impressed with all they have done for your family and to make Millie's wishes come true. What an incredible experience for your family.

lindsay Roscoe said...

This is my favorite post so far. It made me feel the most emotinal. I can just see her "princess dance"..makes me giggle. I just know how much she loves the princesses. What a great wish! I'll bet that she will forever belive and know that wishes do come true. What a great gift to have throughout life. We love you Millie!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE the picture of her looking at the castle. It looks like you are the only ones there! Amazing! What a wonderful trip..can't wait to read about tomorrow! ;)

Jesse C said...

So much fun.