Wednesday, 1 September 2010

ER visit

The word that Millie was in the ER a couple nights ago spread like wild fire, so I thought I should give you all an update, but 1st of all she's fine!

Monday night we went to the Bees baseball game with HopeKids and while we were there Millie had gone to the restroom and she had blood in her urine. Our 1st reaction was that she had a bladder infection and that is what the On-Call Oncologist at Primary Children's thought as well. He suggested we take her to the emergency room as soon as possible. If the infection were to get into her kidneys she would get a fever and we'd be hospitalized, so it was important for us to get an antibiotic asap.

We left the game immediately and headed up to Primary Children's. Luckily they got us right back! I thought we'd be out of there in a couple hours. Nope! They took a urine sample and the results were a bit confusing. It was not conclusive that she had a UTI and her blood test came back abnormal as well. Her PTT blood level was high, which meant her blood was taking too long to clot. NOT GOOD. Since they took the blood sample from her PORT there was a chance that her sample had heparin in it and that would effect her results. They took another sample, it showed the same abnormalities.

After 7 hours of sitting in the ER they decided to admit us to the Oncology floor for the night (at this point it's 4:00am). I really hoped I would never have to see that place ever again! Around 5:00 am they took a 3rd blood sample, but this time it came from a vein in her arm and her results came back NORMAL! It was the heparin after all.

After 7 hours in the ER and 8 hours in Oncology, we were sent home with a $200.00 prescription for a UTI. Don't worry, I threw a fit and got a $10 script instead.

All's well that ends well, right?


Kristina said...

Oh what an awful ordeal! I'm glad Millie's ok after all that - how exhausting it must have been for you all!

dosanddonts said...

Yay Amanda! I will never complain about the slow mixed-up NHS again!

Keep tough!

di said...

SCARY!!!! Glad all is well!

Chelsea said...

Millie, I'm sorry you went to the dumb ole hospital. I hope they gave you chocolate milk. They have some good movies too. I want to play if you feel better soon and my levels are up. Sorry if you had to be poked so much. Poor Millie! Bye! -from Cami

Jodi and Tony said...

I'm glad everything is okay. That must have been scary. And nice job working that prescription down!

Eisha said...

Aaaaaaahhhhh UTI's I know them well--is this her first? Lets hope it is the last...and that they don't make you do a VCUG to test if she has reflux! That would suck on top of leukemia :-(

Danalisa said...

Great work on the prescription! That sounds like a scary day/night.

jill said...

Oh good!! I am so glad to here she is fine!! I am always thinking of you guys!!

Mike and Me said...

We are all so very glad when it's just a scare not matter how inconvient it all is!
I have to mention that at 4:00 in the morning Amanda called her sister Lindsay to come and get Austin. Without hesitation (of course) Lindsay went and got him. They hadn't expected to have to leave the Bee's game so Lindsay had to round up formula as well.

Family, they drive you crazy, but if ever you really need someone there they are. I am so grateful for my sisters who were the only ones that ever came running when I need someone. Now I am grateful that my daughters are always there when one or the other needs something. Thank you Lindsay for getting up at 4 in the morning... and thanks to all women and sisters that nuture us, love our children and keep us from loosing our minds.
love the mom and grandma Jager

Amanda said...

TRUE TO THAT MOM! Thank you Lindsay and thank you to all of you that offered to come get Austin. We kept him with us at the beginning thinking we would only be a few hours, but once we were sent upstairs and Millie had to have more testing it was time for him to go.

THANK YOU to everyone for your support and to Lindsay for getting him at 4:00 am. YUCK!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Glad you have lot's of people that are always so willing to help!

Briana said...

what a scary, exhausting, frustrating night! glad it all turned out alright.

chelsea told me about your blog - my daughter, elena, has ALL and we get our treatments at primary's too. elena is just about to enter delayed intensification. we're in the waiting period for her counts to get back up, so we can start. i'm really scared to start delayed intensification and go back to steroids and such. i was just wondering what your guys' experience with it was. would you mind sharing a bit? it's a little less scary the more knowledge you have of what you are getting into, you know?

millie is absolutely adorable! i love the pictures on the header of your blog. it's so nice to read more about your experiences and see what we can expect. how are things panning out in maintenance? it sounds like maybe they're getting a little better? i loved reading about your make-a-wish experience. it sounded incredible. i bet it was a fantastic getaway for you guys! the people behind it are sure special, aren't they?

my e-mail address is: we also have a blog: it is private, but i'd love to send you an invite if you want.


The Yarn Queen said...

Blessed are all Mother's out there caring and loving the best way they know how. You are all very special.