Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 9

Today was a great end to a great weekend.

Millie was very sweet and playful today.  Millie was singing and dancing and full of giggles.  I went out in the hall to find the nurses trying to figure out why she is doing so much better than they've seen before.  We can't believe she doesn't have mouth sores, and that she's still playful.  Amanda and I realize that the sores might still come, but every day that she goes without pain is a victory.  Who knows, maybe she'll continue to thrive.  At this point, I wouldn't be too surprised, although I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Despite how well she's doing, this is still tough on her, and on our family, but you won't hear a complaint from me.  Millie is my hero and so is Amanda, and Austin is as sweet (despite his tendency to be a 2 year old boy) and brightens up our family, and with so many people helping us carry our burden, I often feel there's no burden left for me to carry.  I'm tired in just about every way imaginable, but I don't think I've ever been happier than I am today.

I wish I took a picture of her singing today, but I was too busy enjoying her.  I got this picture of her sitting on the window sill instead.  She spent a good portion of the morning perched there playing with her dolls and coloring.  Some days she doesn't want to look outside because it makes her sad that she can't go out.  I'm glad she enjoyed the view today - she was so peaceful.

Amanda brought Austin up in the afternoon.  I love how happy they were to see each other.  We got out three little squirt guns and chased each other around the room.  Millie loved it, and Austin laughed harder than I've ever heard him laugh.  Water fights are one of her favorite summer activities, so I'm glad we were able to have one.

Millie and I found a ladybug in our room today (not good), but we were happy to see her. I put her in a jar and kept her safe until I left. When I got outside Primary Children's I called Amanda and Millie to look out the window and watch as Austin and I let her go. It seems like such a simple thing, but it was so nice to have that experience as a family. Austin kept trying to yell up to them that she flew up high. When I talked to Amanda she told me that Millie sat in her secret hideout for awhile after that and when she came out she was holding a picture she drew of the scene we had just experienced. It oviously meant a lot to her as well.

Austin and I went to my parents house this evening.  They had already finished dinner and celebrating Andy's birthday, but we still got to spend some time with everyone.  Austin and his cousin Lincoln are always happy to see each other.  They were very proud to spot a deer in the backyard and came running in to tell everyone.  Andy and I spun Austin around for a while.  He couldn't get enough!


Eisha said...

Wonderful news!! Keep it coming-

Rachel said...

I have been and keep praying that her mouth sores will not show up and that she will heal quickly. I'm so glad to hear she's doing well! :)

lindsay Roscoe said...

Brady this is the most beautiful post i have ever read.

Danalisa said...

Amazing post Brady. God is good.