Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 16

It's been a long time since we've had such a great day at the hospital.  As usual, I spent Sunday at the hospital so that Amanda can spend some time with Austin.  After a long night at the hospital Millie slept in until after 9, and she woke up full of energy.

We spent the whole day coloring, playing games on the iPad, playing board games with my parents who came to visit, singing, and Millie spent a lot of time talking to, singing to, and especially teasing any hospital staff that came into her room.

It was great to see her so happy and full of energy.  She didn't nap at all and was to wound up to go to sleep until around 11.

Here's a picture of Millie playing our favorite game - "Where's my Water."  She's surrounded stuffed entourage.  She's so funny with them.  She got her new Wocket (from Dr. Seuss' "There's a Wocket in my Pocket") that Rachael, who had a bone marrow transplant while Millie was going through chemo.  Her lemur has been her favorite stuffed animal for about two years.  When she gets a new stuffed animal, she always sleeps with it for 2-3 nights so that it won't be scared and so that it will know that she loves it.  Every time, without fail, she takes her lemur aside and explains that she loves him but she needs to take care of the new friend for a few days, but that she'll be back with him soon.

It's such a funny thing, but it shows how sweet and thoughtful she is.  She really does amaze me.


Danalisa said...

OMgosh, I just love her! so sweet!

Eisha said...

So cute!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

I hear her counts are at 200?

Anonymous said...

Hello Flamm family, I came across your blog while researching on AML cancer in children. My friend's son was just diagnosed with AML M6 Cancer 2 weeks ago and he started chemo last Sat. This is a devastating news to all of us. I’m so glad to get to know Millie through this blog. Millie is an inspiration to me. Jesus Christ is our healer and comforter and I will always keep you in my prayers.