Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 15

Blogger is giving me a hard time today, so my pictures are out of order and it drives me crazy. Frustration!

The big announcement for today was that Millie's white blood cell count came up a tiny bit, It's 200. Her doctor followed the news by letting me know I shouldn't get my hopes up. Millie could stay at 200 for a long time and her ANC is still 0 but we are moving in the right direction. This also does not mean she engrafted, I want to make sure that's clear. They don't call engraftment until her ANC is rising. 

Millie and I didn't really get movin' until around noon today. She was so sleepy and just wanted to snuggle. She is such a sweet heart.  Once she did get up she started complaining about her tummy right away. Today has not been her best, but she is still a rock star and she managed to whip Cousin Sherry up a portrait while she was visiting. I know I'm her mom but I think it's awesome. 

 Mill had to get platelets, which means benadryl, which means she slept most of the afternoon. Poor Brady is going to have another long night. 

Millie and I also got our NICO shirts. You can read more about NICO and his story here. We love you NICO!

Tonight Millie has been fevering. Brady says they don't seem too concerned, as fevers and bone marrow transplants go hand in hand, but they did take some blood cultures to make sure it isn't anything serious. When I just talked to him they were playing memory with some cards that they made themselves. Yes, it's after midnight and they are playing memory. :)  That's what happens when benadryl is part of her day.  

Well, I wanted to write about Brady and Austin's trip to the ranch, but Austin is crying and since I haven't seen him in a couple days I'm going to a rock him. Goodnight all. 

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Carly said...

We love you guys! I have the portrait she did of me hanging up in my bedroom :)