Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 19

Today was a great day, even though we started the day off with slightly bad news.  Millie's ANC had been 200 for the past two days, and we were hoping it would go up, but unfortunately it went down to 100.  It's just a temporary setback...

I spent the most of the day with Millie today, as my work is nice enough to let me work from the hospital on Wednesdays.  Hopefully there aren't many more left.

I had a lot of work to do today, so I'm grateful that my mom sat with her while I went to a business lunch, and my sister-in-law Elizabeth for coming by with her sweet baby to keep Millie company while I was working.

Hanging out with Nana.

Showing off the car she made with an old tissue box and other random hospital items.  She keeps herself busy.

My mom brought some more pipe cleaners, and Millie had a lot of fun with them.  Pretty fancy jewelry!

Millie was so excited to spend time with her cousin Eliza.  It really made her day.  She spends so much time up here with adults, being the "big person" and playing with a baby had a great effect on her.  She made Eliza a fancy headpiece. 

 Apparently Elizabeth needed one too.

Austin was feeling a little better today, so Amanda took him to the zoo.  He loves the zoo.  Although his favorite is the lions.  The first thing he wants to do when he gets there is go see the lions.  The only problem is that the zoo here doesn't have lions.  He doesn't seem to believe us and gets a little frustrated that we're holding out on him.  He's a character, as my grandpa would have said.

He got to see the polar bear swimming in the new exhibit, and got to see the grizzlies.  Amanda said they had a great time.

He was so worn out after the zoo that he fell asleep on the floor with Jack.  


lindsay Roscoe said...

How fun for Millie and Elizabeth. Looks like a great day all and all!

Eisha said...

I will think positive thoughts...ANC go back up!! ANC go back up! :-)

Heidi said...

I am SO glad things are going so well for her. She looked so good when I peeked my head in yesterday. I pray that things continue to go well with that cute girl. We think about her and your family constantly... I am so glad you do updates every day! (smart girl) I am sure we will still be here in the morning so I will come say hi if I can get away for a minute!