Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 11

Millie had a busy morning. It started out with a visit by our favorite mascot, SWOOP! Millie loves to goof around with him. It always means silly string and water fights. He is so good to her and they ran around the room playing until I could tell the Miss was all worn out. Before he left Millie had to draw him a picture of himself. Thank you Swoop! We really do love having you come visit. It always brings out her giggle.

Today was a little harder then most and being neutropenic is taking it's toll. She has been boarding a fever tonight and her face has gotten quite swollen. Millie isn't getting steroids right now, it's her capillaries leaking and her body is starting to retain fluid. The picture above is from this morning and even this evening I can see a difference in her appearance. Millie also got some blood today, which I was so grateful for. She has been having horrible headaches and her pick-me-up should do the trick. Thank you to all of you out there that donate. It really does save lives.

Millie was tuckered after Swoop left. She slept most the afternoon. Poor Brady is going to have a long night I'm afraid.

Austin was able to go see the fireworks with my parents tonight. My mom said he was darling. I can't wait to hear about all his crazy stories. I love my man and I am happy I get to stay home and spend the day with him tomorrow. 

Brady and I also got out for a bit while Cousin Sherry sat with Millie. I am so grateful for everyone helping us. I even came home to a fresh cut lawn. Thank you all so much! 

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Anonymous said...

I think that's so great that Swoop can come visit her there. It looks like it cheers her up. I's sorry she wasn't feeling well though. Give her hugs and kisses for me! -Miss Patti