Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 18

Millie's ANC has held strong. It is still 200. I was expecting it to drop today. She does need platelets, and will probably need blood tomorrow, but she is feeling alright. Right now she is playing with her ZuZu Pet. She made a zipline for her that starts at the door handle and ends at a cord on the ground. It's quite funny. She wanted her ZuZu to have something fun to do while she is making a surprise for me. She's so funny because she is sitting right next to me making flowers out of pipe cleaners, but I'm not suppose to look over. She has everything stretched all over the couch as if I can't see what's happening. I can hear her telling ZuZu that this is the last time she is taking her on the zipline  because she's got to get back to her flowers. She said, "LuLu that's it,I'm done!" 

We got a visit from Rachel Steele today. She couldn't come in Millie's room but it was wonderful to see her. She is such a wonderful example of having cancer and winning. Millie also got the cutest mosaic pony craft from another Cancer Cutie Family. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people.

Millie ended up being so ornery most of the day and was furious with me for reasons unknown to me. Sometimes I think she is just mad and she has a right to be. If she can't be mad at her mom, then who can she be? I don't mind her taking a little anger out here. She does so well most of the time and I think it's good for her to let some of her other emotions out, because it's so obvious to Brady and I that there is a part of her that's scared, but she doesn't like to show it and I'm worried it will eat at her. Her positive attitude has gotten her through so much, but we all have to cry sometimes. 

Once Brady got there I think she started to cheer up a bit. She really cheered up when her Uncle Adam came by and played with her and Brady forever. Brady said they played a few board games, and then she called kids crew and ordered some specific materials to make puppets out of paper sacks.  During the game, Adam teased her and said "pretty good for a girl," to which she responded, "I'm fighting cancer - I don't think you've ever done anything as great as I have."  That will teach him.

Austin had a horrible day and I hate not being able to be there for him when he needs me. He was so sick with the stomach flu of some sort. He got checked out by his doc and he said that he has seen a lot of that coming through his office. GREAT! It's so hard because it's awful that he has to be sick, but I also have to worry that one of us has taken it up to Millie. Do I need to stay away now that I have been with Austin tonight? I can't be in 2 places at once and I can't take a chance of getting Millie sick. Ugh. 

He was doing better tonight and actually ate for the first time all day, so here's hoping it has passed. 


lindsay Roscoe said...

She is an amazing girl. I can not believe her ANC is 200!!! How amazing is that. We love you all and pray her ANC keeps rising.

Love aunt Lindsay

Eisha said...

Scary- its amazing how something small like the flu, sounds like a death sentence

Carly said...

Poor Austin and poor Millie! I hope they both feel better and that Austin's little flu doesn't get Millie.

Also, the part about Adam has me craaaaacking up! :) Go Mil!

Danalisa said...

ah, she is amazing. love her line to her uncle! Hope Austin is over it quick and no one else gets it.

Piano Mom said...

I am so happy her ANC has held and not dropped. I am really proud of Millie!

Guess what? Today I was at Aggie Ice Cream and came across a girl wearing a pack that said, "Millie's Princess Run"! Of course, I had to ask her how she knew you. She didn't, but she went to the Princess run with her cousins. I was so excited to see that people in Logan were there to support Millie! Just thought I'd let you know. We love you guys and hope that Austin's flu goes away quickly and that no one else gets it.