Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 17- ANC 200!

Okay, so this still does not mean that she engrafted. Her ANC has to be 500 or greater for 2 days in a row for her to officially engraft, but I am so happy! Things are moving in the right direction and I was not expecting her to have an ANC for another week, so this is fabulous news. Sometimes when an ANC goes up for the first time it can drop again the next day or even stay the same for a while so we aren't getting any hopes up, just thankful her body is making some progress.

All of her blood counts look good so we will just be hanging out today. No transfusions necessary. Millie also joined another study, so now she is on 2. This study is the first of it's kind and it will be looking at neutrophil nets in transplant patients. I am so grateful for everyone that has paved the way for Millie to get the treatment she is on and I am happy that we can help in some small way for those that follow after us. Millie even signed her name to the document herself, saying YES, I want to help. So proud of her.

Grandpa Jeff spent the night with Millie and it was so nice to get to see Brady for a second. Thank you Jeff! Thank you also to my mom and Sherry for stepping in and taking Austin today. It is wonderful to know that there is always someone there ready and willing to take over when I'm in a jam.

So far Millie is doing alright. Her stomach is very sick and she is bordering a fever, but we have been able to keep it at bay. This is all very normal with her counts coming in. Her body is trying to figure out what in the world is happening. It's called Engraftment Syndrome. Hopefully this is the worst of it, because I know that once she does engraft we are facing a whole new ball game. I can't wait for the day when there isn't so much worry surrounding every moment of every day. Until then we continue to pray and count our blessings.

Despite the stomach aches she had today, she still had a wonderful day and she was joking around with our nurses and techs. She even showed off a little by doing some sit ups. Go Millie Go!

She's a mean one Mr. Grinch

Showing off her Missing Teeth to Cousin Sherry.


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!!! Watching and praying and hoping from NY... Does M like baby dolls, btw? We have a (somewhat creepy-realistic) baby doll that she may enjoy, if you are accepting gifts... ? It is a collector's item but would surely also function as a play doll... Please feel free to email me the shipping address:

Laura in Buffalo, NY

Amy said...

Timmie was able to read your blog today. It is an interesting way to get to meet your neighbors. She thinks Millie is adorable and can't wait until she gets to meet herin person.