Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This was last weekend. Millie was so sick and tuckered out. All she wanted to do was lay on the couch.

These were 1 of the many days this past couple weeks we have been at the hospital. I love looking at these pictures. Not because Millie was sick, but because even though she is sick she still has a smile on her face. She is one strong cookie. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE her bedhead. It makes me smile :)

Holding her fists up to show cancer who's boss.

Goofing around with Dr. Barnette

Millie had her blood drawn yesterday morning and I got the call that her ANC has dropped again. It's now 700 from 1000. Her liver enzymes are continuing to come down, which is great, but they are still too high to start chemo.

Millie has her regular clinic appointment on Thursday and they will retest her then. As for now we will enjoy the chemo break.


Piano Mom said...

I LOVE that picture of her and Dr. Barnette. He has the most sincere smiles and laughs. He is the greatest Oncologist!

I am sad her ANC dropped, but I'm glad her liver enzymes are getting better. What a crazy time for you guys. I hope things continue to get better.

P.S. I always think if Millie's hair as Erin's is growing in. I wish Erin's was more wavy like Millie's, her hair is just adorable.

Briana said...

glad to hear those liver enzymes keep coming down. thanks for the update!

and yes, there is no sight so beautiful as bed head these days! millie's hair really is gorgeous.

lindsay Roscoe said...

I loved the day she slapped a bow in her hair and went to school with that bed head. I loved asking her if her mom brushed her hair today and having her say no I just put a bow in it and then javing you tell me later she was up and dressed before she even came in to you guys to say good morning because she wanted to go to school so bad. WE LOVE HER BED HEAD!! Who would have thought!!

Jesse C said...

That bed head is fantastic. She is a trooper. I love that smile on her face.

Danalisa said...

the hair is amazing! she is adorable. she looks so grown-up! she is such a brave girl. glad that counts are a little better.

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad to hear things are starting to get better for cute Millie! She has been through the wringer these last few weeks (and you guys too). We will pray that her ANC is on the upward trend by Thurdsday.

Her hair is ADORABLE!!! I love the curls! XOXOXO

Kristin said...

Yay for liver enzymes on the way down! And she has awesome bed head! I love it!! Hope to see you guys soon!