Saturday, 5 March 2011

Clinic March 2011

A month comes around so fast. I can't believe it was time for Millie to head back to the hospital again. This was a new round so Millie had to get a Lumbar Puncture. We all hate when it's Lumbar Puncture time. The Methotrexate they inject into her spinal fluid has horrible side effects, but it doesn't matter because the poison is keeping her cancer away. I have to try really hard when I leave her back there by herself not to let words like brain damage consume my mind and focus on the positive while I wait for her to wake up from anesthesia.

Millie getting her measurements and vitals done with Pam

I don't have very many shots of Millie with her PORT accessed so I wanted to post this, I will have to get a better picture next time.

Millie plays up until the very last second when she's out cold. In the picture with her is the Anesthesiologist, and sitting in the chair is her Oncologist, Doctor Barnette. We Love Him.

Millie was really sick this time after chemo. She threw up the second we got home. It breaks my heart to see her this way, but I am so proud of her. You can tell in her hair pictures that she wasn't feeling super hot.

Clinic Stats:

Height: 107.2 cm

Weight: 17.3 kg

ANC: 1000

(Amelia's ANC is right where they like it so her home chemo dose stayed the same. I am so glad they didn't up it!)

Millie did awesome at clinic and waking up from her anesthesia. I'm proud of you baby girl!


Briana said...

poor thing! i'm sorry she was sick!

i keep hearing such awesome things about dr. barnette, but i have never met him or even seen him in person yet. :)

Carly said...

I totally need some footie pajamas to match Millie. She looks so dang cute in them!

keri and taylor said...

Amanda, I don't know how you do it?!? I know she is doing good, but it breaks my heart to know what she has to go through. She is such a cute little patient and you're supermom!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

MAn it has been to long sine I have looked at blogs. Guess it's better to know in person then on the blog. Since her cuteness came and played after clinic. Man I am getting behind in life here.

Chelsea said...

YAY for awesome ANC!!! Im sad that our clinic days are all messed up now because of our MAW trip, we used to be right on track with you guys. Bummer. Oh, well Im sure we will get back together one of these times :)