Friday, 11 March 2011

Tea and Crumpets

Amelia was invited to a Tea Party this past Wednesday and once again there was magic in the air. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. There are no words to say how much I love Make-A-Wish. There are a couple charities that have done a tremendous amount for us and one of those is Make-A-Wish. They are outstanding and I will forever hold what they have done for Amelia close to my heart.

The 1st thing Millie did when she got to the party was meet Belle.

Anxiously waiting for her makeup to get done.

After she was all done up Amelia was formally introduced into the party. She got to walk down the red carpet and she had glitter sprinkled in her hair. When Millie got home and was telling Brady about the party she said, "Dad they pronounced me by my name and then I got to walk down the red carpet all by myself. At first I was scared and nervous, but when I was done it was so fun I wanted to do it again".

Millie knows her Grandma Jager LOVES a good tea party so she invited her to be her guest.

Dancing with the Prince

There were the most amazing high school students there hosting the party. They were all so sweet with the kids. Millie made a new friend named Clair, she was amazing and made Amelia feel incredibly special.

Clair and Millie with the whole group.

I wish you could see Millie better in this picture. She is so cute! She has her sweet, little hands up to her mouth giggling. Love Her.

Even Austin, our little prince, got to come.


Missy said...

What a fun event for all of those kids! A great way for high school kids to get involved.

Briana said...

Wow! How awesome! Now I'm sad we couldn't go. :) Millie is adorable - what a magical thing for her to do! I HEART Make A Wish!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

That looks like so much FUN!!

Chelsea said...

That is ADORABLE! We LOVE MAW more than words can express!! Millie is so beautiful and your little prince Austin is just as handsome as ever. We sure miss you guys. XOXOXO

Kristina said...

What a wonderful event! Milie sure deserves the princess treatment!

Jesse C said...

So much fun. This is Abby's favorite thing to do right now, and Belle is her favorite.