Sunday, 3 April 2011

Clinic March 2011 (part 2)

Millie goes to clinic every 28 days for her regular check up and for her Vincristine. I say "regular" because we have been at the hospital way more then that this past month. Anyway, she ended up having 2 March appointments so that's why the "part 2".

Things seem to be looking up. Her liver enzymes are so close to being back to normal. Dr. Barnette would have started back on her oral chemo but her dang ANC dropped again so she will be off it for another 2 weeks. It's now down to 200. We haven't seen her get this low in a long time and once again we have no idea what's going on. We were given a couple different reasons but all of that seemed to be an educated guess. It's frustrating to not know why things are happening. Amelia did seem to be feeling better. I say DID because her appointment was on Thursday and now she's been on steroids for 4 days and she's a disaster. The poor girl breaks my heart when she's on her steroids. She is so emotional and as a 5 year old she doesn't know how to handle it. Hell, I wouldn't know how to handle it. Being at a 200 ANC means that we have to be incredibly careful with her. If she were to get a fever at all she would be admitted immediately. NO THANK YOU! They steroids will help her ANC come up so they are good for something ;)

I'm jumping around a little bit, but I'm so tired and when I'm tired my brain doesn't work properly. All in all clinic went well. Millie did fabulous as always. Brady was even able to join us which was excellent. Dr. Barnette seems to think the liver problem was a virus (even though they couldn't find anything) and hopefully they will be able to put her back on her oral chemo in 2 weeks when she gets retested once again. They did give her Vincristine through her port because she's on a schedule and the rest of her counts were looking better.

Before I get into the pictures I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you out there praying for us and thinking of us. I have had so much support this past month and I can honestly say I have needed it. My Relief Society in my church has been amazing. They have brought meals, covered my lesson, stopped by to bring treats, and dropped off little notes. A friend from high school that I haven't seen in years sent flowers, other cancer moms that are going through a difficult time as well have brought me dinner, neighbors have come by to see what I need and brought flowers, and gifts for Millie. My mother in law has made me meals, my fam has babysat Austin, the list goes on and on. I am overwhelmed with the love we receive.

Brady and I have also been very involved with trying to help get donations for the HopeKids charity dinner and I have had people coming out of nowhere and putting together amazing packages for them to auction off. I am truly stunned and eternally grateful. I have had so many people ask what they can do to help and I don't know what to say, well I do know what to say, but it's not the easy answer. I need help with HopeKids and I am so grateful for those of you out there working on projects for all these kids or gathering donations. HopeKids is AMAZING! If you ask Millie about her Leukemia she will tell you she likes it. Of course she doesn't like her Leukemia, she doesn't really understand what that means. What she does understand is that she has been able to do some amazing things and meet amazing people because of her cancer. She has made friends that she wouldn't otherwise know. She can see the blessings that have come from her cancer. She is beyond her years in wisdom. For her, HopeKids makes her life normal. She is not alone. She can play. She can have fun. She can have HOPE.

Not sure where all that came from, but there ya go. I HEART HopeKids.

Now for the pictures!

Millie getting her port accessed. She does extremely well. She doesn't flinch or ever make a peep. You can see the pain in her face as the nurse is pushing the needle in, but she is one brave cookie.

Mill didn't want me to take a picture getting her chemo so she kept putting her hand up. I couldn't resist posting it. I love the marker all over her cute little hand. (ps, she wasn't sad about getting her chemo. she was teasing me. that's what she does, teases).

I got one anyway...

Millie's Hair Update:

I snapped this one of her going back in the house and I love how much you can see all her curls and natural highlights.

Clinic Stats:

Height: 106.5 cm

(yes, it's less then before, I guess I better make sure they are more accurate)

Weight: 16.6 kg (HOORAY! It's going back up)ANC: 200 (NOT GOOD)

Liver Enzymes:

AST: 48

ALT: 98 (still a little high)


nsudburyfam said...

That hair is so super cute!! I am so glad to hear that the liver counts are going down. That was scary. I hope her ANC will bounce back and that she will continue feeling better once the steroids wear off.

HopeKids is awesome! I think what you are doing to help out is pretty amazing as well.

Amy said...

HopeKids HEARTS the amazing and wonderful families we have the privilege of working with. We love you Flamm family!

Chelsea said...

Im so glad Miss Millie is feeling better. She really had a yucky month (you all did). We love HopeKids too and we are hear to help with ANYTHING you guys need! Her hair is adorable! LOVE the curls! XOXOXO

lindsay Roscoe said...

She really didn't feel good on thursday. Her curls are so cute!! We love Hopekids too!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE what they do for Millie and other kids going through what kids and families never should.

Danalisa said...

He hair is SUPER DUPER ADORABLE!! What a lovely bunch of curls she has! So glad that she is doing a bit better and we'll continue to pray for her. Wish we could do more for you. I am getting a team together for a 24 hour Relay for Life that raises money for cancer research here in Ireland. We'll be walking in October..and I'm walking for Millie. xoxoxox

Piano Mom said...

Those curls are GORGEOUS! I am so happy things are getting better as far as the liver goes, but I'm sorry you're having to deal with the steroids. Been thinking of you guys.

Carly said...

It's so fun to see all of these new pictures! Millie is looking beautiful. I can't wait to give her and all of you huge hugs!
I'm glad that she seems to be feeling better, but I wish she would never need to take the steroids again. I love you guys and pray for you every day! Hopekids is lucky to have you as an advocate. You rock.

Briana said...

holy cow those curls are gorgeous! :)

i'm SO happy to hear that her liver numbers are coming down! she's been in our prayers every night.

and what great work you guys are doing for hopekids! you are so awesome!

Jennie said...

Amanda, I love your blog! It was so great to meet you last night. Millie is such a sweet little girl. My Izzy keeps telling me how beautiful she was. I hope to see you guys around more!


Jesse C said...

She is amazing. That hair is awesome.