Thursday, 24 March 2011

Millie Updates From The Past Week

I have been sending emails to my family letting them know what's going on with Millie but I haven't wanted to blog. I decided instead of rewriting everything I would just post the emails so you all can be updated. I am so grateful for all the calls, emails, texts, and prayers that have come are way. I also posted at the bottom an update on today if you have already received the emails.

email 1: Millie Update from last night: (Monday, March 21 @ 7:00pm)

On Friday they said that there was nothing more they could do and that it would just be a waiting game. With Millie coming off ALL chemo her diarrhea and liver enzymes should all get better. Brady also got a root cancel and when I was talking to Dani (cancer mom that lives in St. George)about how frustrated I was, she said that we should come down and have Ashton (her husband) do Brady's crown. He would only charge us lab fees which would safe us like $400. We found out from Dani Friday, late afternoon that this past weekend would be the best since Ashton has a lot going on the next couple weekends. Millie's doctors gave her the ok to go and we actually thought it would be a nice break for Millie. She loves it there and it would be a nice change, plus they said they can do nothing more for her.

She did great all weekend. She got random cramping only like 3 times where before it was pretty frequent. After Brady got his tooth fixed Saturday I finally got a hold of the On-call doc and she said that all Millie's stool samples came back negative (which is good). This meant that it was her liver and 6MP that was causing the diarrhea and not a bacteria. She only got diarrhea twice while we were gone, so things were looking better. Last night around 9:00 pm she started screaming about her stomach. 2 hours later she started throwing up like crazy and was screaming in pain again. We decided to take her to the ER and they knew nothing, like always. They didn't even tell Brady what her counts were, they just let her go after 6 hours and $200.

I called the clinic today (March 21) and Dr Verma is worried. The results from last night said that her ANC dropped from 1800 to 700 and her ALT went from 997 to 1157, but her AST dropped from 557 to 457. They want her to come back to clinic to run more tests. Dr. Verma is upset about her levels and doesn't understand why the ER did NOTHING. They didn't even give her fluids, which would help the liver. Dr. Barnette, our Oncologist isn't there today so they are making us wait until tomorrow unless something else happens today and then we will head up.

Cancer Sucks.

Please keep Miss Millie in your prayers


email #2 (Tuesday, March 22)

Millie had more blood and stool tests today. Everything has come back negative. What does this mean? Well I don't really know. It would be unusual for her chemo to suddenly be effecting her liver like this, but there is the possibility that her little body has just had enough. They can't seem to find a reason. Her liver enzymes have come down. Her ALT is 751 and her AST is 212. They are still both high, but better. Her weight is stable, she didn't gain, but she didn't lose :). Her ANC has dropped again which is a little strange since she is off her chemo. It is now at 600, Friday it was 1800, Sunday night 700.

The game plan is to continue keeping her off her chemo until her levels are normal again and let her liver recover. We will re-test everything on Friday. Thankfully Home Healthcare is coming so we won't have to spend another day in the hospital.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We love you and our grateful for you.


Today (not an email): This morning Millie is doing well, but we are all exhausted. Last night she was up all night in pain and with an upset stomach. This is the 3rd time this week we have had to shower her in the middle of the night. She is breaking my heart. I hate seeing her in this pain and I hate that we have hit 3 weeks of this none sense. 3 weeks! I called clinic again asking what we can do for pain but I haven't heard back yet. It's all so strange because she'll be fine one second and then horribly sick the next. What is going on? I really can't wait till tomorrow. I just want to know what all her blood and liver counts are.

Thank you everyone for your support.


Kristin said...

Oh Amanda!! I can't even imagine how worried you must be. Chemo is such awful stuff. I will pray for time to pass quickly and that tomorrow those liver counts will be down and blood counts will be up and she can continue on this crappy cancer road. IT sucks! I'm so sorry!

Chelsea said...

I am so sorry! We love you guys and we are praying for an answer and a quck solution for you all!


McCall said...

Hang in there. We will keep your family in our prayers :)

Danalisa said...

I can't imagine! In tears reading it. Much love to you all...prayers!!

Ali said...

We're Praying for you and your precious daughter. Just heart breaking to hear. I'm so sorry.

Kristina said...

Paul and I are keeping Millie in our prayers! We hope she is feeling better soon!

Eisha said...

O Amanda, hang in there! I wish there was something I could do!! :-(

Missy said...

Poor little thing. I am so sorry she has to go through all this. Please keep us posted on her progress, I hope the doctors can figure it out soon!

Padilla's said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have followed your blog for awhile now and I am devastated she is not doing well. Prays are being said all over the world for her and I hope you guys find comfort through all of this. Stay strong.

Rachel Padilla, AZ

Padilla's said...

**sorry prayers not prays

johnjillhuz said...

Amanda, I am just so so sad. I feel so bad for Millie. I am sorry you are having the "no answers" problem. They seem to be the worst. Sometimes I'd just pray that they would find something. Anything. So that we could at least have a place to start. You are really amazing. It is hard to blog when you're feeling awful about your daughter, when you hate cancer so much, and when you're just so tired of all of this. I will pray extra hard for you and for Millie today.

P.S. That is very sweet of Dani's husband to help you guys out!

Jim said...

That all sucks. We're thinking about you guys and praying for Millie. Loves.

Brooke :) said...

I am so sorry she is having such a hard time right now. My prayers and thoughts are with you guys.

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

wow Millie is a strong one. I'm so sorry its been like that. You are in our thoughts and prayers every night. thanks for being an inspiration to all of us. hang in there- the blessings will come.
love ya

Heidi and Maxwell said...

Ugh!!! Doctors are supposed to have the answers. That is why we have them. Right?!! Amanda, you are quickly becoming someone that I truly look up to. Brady is one lucky and blessed man, which is saying a lot because I think the Flamms are such great people. Hang in there. It is too late tonight, but I will be calling the temple tomorrow to put your family, especially Millie, on the prayer roll.
Get blinks of sleep whenever you can.