Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Austin is 11 months!

Random Pictures from the past month

I seriously can not believe my tiny man is 11 months old today. He is going to be a 1 SO SOON!

About Austin:

  • He LOVES to climb the stairs. He thinks it's really funny if he gets 1/2 way up before you catch him.
  • He has started sticking his tongue out all the time again.
  • Rolling a ball around with someone is his favorite game.
  • He LOVES to be chased.
  • Still no sign of any teeth
  • Austin is very content crawling. If we try to have him walk holding our hands he thinks we are torturing him.
  • He loves "real" food. He likes mashed baby food too, but when we share our goods then he really thinks he's getting a treat.
  • When Brady gets ready for work in the morning Austin follows him around with his tongue hanging out. Brady calls him his little, puppy dog. It's cute.
  • He is into EVERYTHING! It drives me crazy.
  • He says mam when he is upset , but he says dad quite a bit. He also says hi, but most of the time it's a lot of gibberish.

Love You Austin!

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Jodi and Tony said...

What a sweetie!

Chelsea said...

He is just too cute. Dont let him grow up, they just get crazy!