Tuesday, 27 July 2010


As I am getting ready to go to bed I jumped on the computer one last time to check a couple blogs and one of the ones I hopped on was kisses for cami. I haven't met this family yet, but their little girl was recently diagnosed with A.L.L. We have been emailing a little here and there and I am so grateful for Cami's mother, Chelsea tonight. I seriously can't stop crying today, I feel a little like Eeyore, but everything has changed. Chelsea just posted the most beautiful message about how grateful she is. I needed that tonight. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am. I needed a giant hug tonight and I feel like I just got it. I love my little family. I love my kids. I love my husband. We truly are happy, what more is there?


Missy said...

I know what you mean, it is so nice to be reminded of what is really important. Hang in there, you are such a strong person.

Chelsea said...

Amanda.. I just got a chance to hop on my computer (Cam's been nauseous all morning). I am so glad that my silly post came at a good time for you. I mean YOUR blog has been like a bible to me the last 2 weeks.. I have gone over and over it trying to take in every detail of what's to come for us in the next 7 months. I have come across other ALL blogs, but for some reason I just feel a connection with you and your sweet Millie. I cannot tell you what a blessing your blog and emails have been to me and my family. It is the reason I even take the time at the end of my long, hard day (when Im exhausted) to write what's happening, and how I feel. I can only hope I will one day help another family, the way you have helped ours.