Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Make A Wish!


Millie was nominated by our homehealth nurse, Dylan, to MAKE A WISH!

We are so excited for her! Life has been more then unfair to her the last 6 months plus if you count everything she went through with Austin. We are so grateful that she is going to be able to have her Wish Come True!

It was such an amazing experience for her, along with Brady and I. When we arrived there was this sign that said, "Welcome to the Wishing Place Amelia". I immediatly started crying.

We were too busy taking in every moment and I didn't take too many pictures.

Next they took us all out to their wishing pond where we were given a special wishing token. All of us were able to make a wish in the pond. Then we went upstairs and played some games with Millie so they could get to know her and figure out what her True Wish would be. She came up with dancing with the Princesses, Having a Picnic with them, and swimming with the Princesses.

They had mailed us a special key to their wishing tower and Millie carried it around on a necklace. She was so excited when it came time to use it.

The room was full of fun lights that would change colors and a waterfall in the middle. When we entered Brady and I read our own wishes to Millie, it was very personal and a lovely moment with our family.

In the middle of the room there was a cone for Millie to submitt her wishes to the Wishing Wizard. When she placed them inside The lights started going crazy!

It was truly a magical evening. Millie is so deservings of this and I can't wait for her party when they will announce what she will be doing.

(They have talked to Brady and I and it looks like they will be sending her to Disney World to be with the princesses and have a week of being a "normal" kid)

Millie placing her wishes in the cone for the wizard.


Kristina said...

Wow, Amanda, thank you for sharing this. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you. You all are AMAZING and Paul and I are keeping Millie in our prayers!

Ali T said...

I'm glad you posted those pictures. The ones of all the needles and special gear and poor millie looking sad... Since I don't see you guys it makes me realize how hard and sad these times are for you. I'm so sorry, but really excited her wish will come true!

Karin said...

What a little trooper! Sorry about the blood transfusion, Millie :( But, I can't wait to hear about the day with the princesses!!! So awesome.

Michelle said...

Amanda, you're amazing! I can't imagine how difficult all this would be! I'm so excited that Millie gets to go see the princesses, you all deserve a nice vacation!

Emily said...

I'm so happy that you all get a much deserved wish:) That will be so fun and Millie deserves it! You all deserve a treat! I can't imagine what it must be like to handle all of this. And I'm sure you only share a small portion of the extremely difficult things. Thank you for sharing what you do and for letting me follow. Your little girl is an angel and so is her mom and dad. You guys are heroes to me. Lots of prayers and love and thoughts coming your way:)

The Church's said...

That is so cool that she got to to the make a wish thing! She is such a strong little girl and so are you guys! You are practically nurses! ha ha Hang in there, my prayers are always with you guys!

joeandjill said...

I am always reading your posts and crying at the same time!!! Millie is such a sweet little girl and the things she has to go through!! You guys are such good parents. I don't want to forget about your other little one, he is so darling!! We need to meet him one day!! Hope all goes well!!

Jodi and Tony said...

Thank you for sharing this. It really brings home just what your family continues to go through. We are always thinking about you guys. Picturing Millie dancing with princesses brings tears to my eyes.

And I want to give that adorable boy of yours tons of kisses.

Love to all of you.


Danalisa said...

just realized my response to this post never posted. hmm...well in a nutshell thanks for posting the really hits home how much of a daily presence and struggle this is for you all. You are AMAZING parents...I don't think I could do it.

Also, love Austin's old man face! hahaha

Steve Gotz said...

You guys really are an inspiration!

Carl said...

Austin is ridiculously adorable! Look at that cute cute smile! And Millie is absolutely the cutest baldie I've ever seen in my entire life! She is always so fun and cheerful :D Every time I get to spend any time with her, it is such a treat! I love you all. -Carly