Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Austin is 8 Months!

I can't believe my little man is now 8 months old! He is such a big boy and we all love him to bits.


  • My favorite thing in the whole world is my sister. She always makes me smile.
  • I like to play in the bath
  • I went swimming for the 1st time a week ago and I LOVED it.
  • I started sitting on my own and I get stronger every day.
  • I am a busy, busy boy and my mom is going to be in trouble once I start crawling!
  • I can throw a pretty mean tantrum when I'm not getting what I want.
  • I am happy as long as there is someone with me at all times, I LOVE attention.
  • I am a mommas boy.
  • I can't help but stare at my cousin Sherry. She makes me happy.
  • I have a giant smile that makes everyone around me smile back.

We love our man and are so grateful he is in our family. It wouldn't be complete without him. If I am having a rough day with Millie or life in general Austin's smile always cheers me up.

We love you buddy!


Sherry said...

ohhh....this little guy makes ME smile!! so cute...i love him! Happy 8 Months Austin Austin Bo Boston!

Shelly said...

Handsome little guy! I cannot believe he is 8 months already! He is a stud! Happy birthday little man! hope you all are doing well!

Danalisa said...

AWW, so sweet! He is ADORABLE!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

He is pretty silly! We love him also! I agree you are going to be in some serious trouble when he can move it move it

Jesse C said...

Such a cute kid.

Jodi and Tony said...

You take the BEST pictures. And it doesn't hurt that your subject(s) are absolutely ADORABLE. I wish Austin and Jack could have play dates.

The Yarn Queen said...

So darling....