Thursday, 8 April 2010


We had a beautiful Easter, although I could have done without the snow. Millie woke up happy and ready to hunt for her basket. She was thrilled when she found it. I think her favorite thing she got was an apron to keep in the kitchen so she can help me bake.
Isn't her basket cute! It was mine, my dad made it. Since we only had one he whipped another up for Austin. I love having things my daddy made.

The cutest Easter Bunny Ever! After we found our baskets, we headed to my parents. My mom had a gorgeous brunch prepared. She always does a lovely job on holidays. She really knows how to make it special.

All the cousins circled around the computer to watch "Elephants I Like Elephants". We all love it, check it out.
Brady's mom does a MONEY Easter Egg Hunt every year. It's funny to watch all of these grown people running around like wild animals trying to find eggs. I think Brady got the most this year; $20. I got a whopping $3 and Millie got $1. It's a fun tradition.
Nana and Callie
(some of) The Flamm Gang
Bryce, Cody, Callie, Nancy, Austin, Brady, Adam
Carly, Grandma Ellsworth, Michele, Elizabeth, Amelia, Amanda
Aunt Carly and Mil
Sadly this was the best shot I could get of the two of them. Austin was not thrilled to be getting his picture taken. Millie is a babe.


Lindsey said...

Its soooo good to see Millie starting to look like herself again! You guys look like you had a great Easter!

Danalisa said...

I agree Lindsey!! She looks GORGEOUS! I love the pic of the two of them together. The bunny shot is hilarious! How cute that your dad makes the baskets!! When did you go red again Amanda??

Danalisa said...

WE used to watch that elephant video in Oxford when Owen was little all the time! still a fav for us!

Eisha said...

Aaaaaaaaaahhh -you went dark! Do you like it? Also, millie's short hair is darling.She has really slimmed up again.

Carl said...

:D That picture of Austin with the bunny ears is possibly the funniest picture I've ever seen!! I loved it!

Mike and Me said...

Austin looks like a perfect bunny in his ears. I think Brady should have some too.

Love Grandpa

PS I want to do the money easter egg hunt!