Saturday, 3 April 2010

The ranch and CALLIE!

Cody and Michele are in town! I LOVE it when they are here, but this time was extra special because we finally got to meet our new, niece Callie. She is such a babe! Big lips, beautiful blue eyes, and a giant smile. She is a darling baby.

Since Cody and Shelly are here we decided to head to our ranch in Wyoming. We only went for 1 night so we could be back from Easter, but we had a blast as always.

Our Arizona Gang
Bryce Man, Cody, and Michele

Brady and I
Man I need some new snow clothes, I have had the same pants since Jr. High.

Aunt Kim was a rock star playing with Millie and helping with Austin. Millie loves her! Kim is always more then happy to do the dances Millie makes up for her or get down on the ground to play ranch.
Austin warming up Brady's cheeks after our snowmobile ride. It was FREEZING!
Kim after her adventure in the blizzard.
Callie and Austin checking each other out.
Just Chillin and being cute.
Uncle Andy and Millie
Aunt Kim playing baby sitter.
Brady, Millie, Cody, and Bryce getting ready for their ride. Millie LOVED it. Brady was flying and she kept giggling and asking to go faster.

And of course we had to play Settlers, a trip to the ranch wouldn't be the same without it.
Grandpa Jeff and Sherry
Since Bryce is younger then Millie and they don't see each other very often I wasn't sure how they would be together, but other then one little squabble over a horse, they were best buds!
Bryce pouting and Millie in timeout for fighting over the horse.

We still love.

It was an awesome trip! Almost all the Flamms were there.

Grandpa Jeff, Nana, Brady, Me, Millie, Austin, Cody, Michele, Bryce, Callie, Carly, Sherry (you're a Flamm to us), Andy, Kim, Adam, and Elizabeth. We were only missing Bryan and Kimi. He was out of town and Kimi and the kiddos are fighting a nasty bug so they had to stay home.


Sherry said...

You GUYS are the BEST! So fun....THANKS for letting me Tag along. =)

Danalisa said...

Looks like a GREAT time! Love the pic of pouting and time out. haha