Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I ran some errands today and I noticed that there are pink ribbons everywhere. On shirts, hats, mugs, pins, so many things to buy for breast cancer awareness. It's wonderful! I have had many people in my family get or be effected by breast cancer and I am grateful there is so much funding and support out there.

But where is the gold?
My hope is that one day GOLD will be seen just as much. Childhood cancer is everywhere. It breaks my heart that it doesn't have the awareness it deserves. There's not enough funding and there's not enough support, but we can all help change that!

One of the things we are doing is holding a lemonade stand to raise funds for Childhood Cancer. I hope you can come out and support us. The address is 2345 Lambourne Ave, SLC, UT 84109. For more information or If you can't make it, please go to our page at and donate as little as a dollar. It WILL make a difference.

If you can't make it, hold one of your own! Find out how at I'm sure your little ones would love to have a stand! It doesn't have to be anything fancy. All you need is cups and lemonade. If you want, Alex's Lemonade Foundation will even provide the signs for you.

Another easy thing you can do is by posting about September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Feel free to copy my AWARENESS post in full and post it on your personal blog.

You can also change your facebook profile picture to a gold ribbon for this month. It's easy! Tag yourself on mine and make it your pic. That's all I did. I hope I see A LOT more gold in the next couple weeks.

Please help get GOLD out there for everyone to see!

Hearing the word cancer in any form changes lives forever. It changed ours. We will always recognize the sweet little bald heads that are fighting for their lives. We want to do all that we can to help families that are affected by cancer. We want to stop the heartache of knowing your child is going to have to fight with everything they have to live. One person alone can not make a difference, but all of us together can change the world. These children are given a huge responsibility to fight for their lives. We stand in amazement when we see the strength, the courage, the resilience of these beautiful little children. We as a family stand back and learn..we learn how to LIVE from them. We learn that even when life is the hardest it can be, we can giggle! We can cry! We can hurt! We can love! And most importantly we can stand together united as one to WIN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER! Come buy a cup of lemonade and be a part in changing how childhood cancer is treated, diagnosed and CURED! The support that has surrounded our family for Amelia has been the most amazing thing we have felt or been a part of. To see ,to feel, to know the love that comes from you is incredible. Our family has been blessed because of each of you individually. Thank you! Thank you FOREVER for the difference you have made in our lives. Love Amelia's support team


lindsay Roscoe said...

Were working on it!

Chelsea said...

I literally had to pause that video at 20 seconds because I cant even see. I am sobbing right now. I love that you guys are doing this!!! I hate cancer, and I am meeting and falling in love with WAY too many kids that have it! We need to put a stop to this NOW!!!

blair said...

Hey guys, I didn't mean to try to join as a team member, I didn't understand how to donate! Figured it out! Hope you guys far exceed your goals, it's for an awesome cause! we love you team millie!

Amanda said...

We made GOLD ribbons and you can all get one tomorrow at the stand!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Thanks for putting my writing at the end of your post. It meant alot to me that you posted it on your blog. Every word of it's true!