Friday, 17 September 2010

Millie September 2010 Update

Millie goes to the hospital once a month for her PORT chemo, but yesterday was the start of a new Maintenance round, which is every 3 months so she had to get a Lumbar Puncture as well. She does pretty good with it, but I think it's always a little difficult to watch your child go under anaesthesia. With Brady out of town I was panicked thinking she would wake up furious; it's a 50/50 chance. I got lucky! She was a little ornery, but nothing I couldn't handle. Like always she was a champ getting her PORT accessed and did fantastic getting her Vincristine.
We got some GREAT news:
Millie's FINAL chemo date will be
Although this date seems so far away, it's much sooner then we thought is was going to be.
I am tracking Amelia's hair growth every month on her clinic day by taking the same pictures of her in the same place, I thought it would be fun to look back on. Yesterday she was refusing to pose how I wanted. I let her pose the way she wanted in the 1st picture and she couldn't have been happier. The 2nd picture is how I pose her and she's starting to get a little mad at me. The 3rd picture she is fuming.
Got to love those steroids.

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Clinic Stats:
Height: 103 cm
Weight: 16.1
ANC: 700
Amelia's ANC is still a little low so the doctors decided to keep her on a 75% home chemo dose.


The Coopers said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute!! Your right gotta love steriods!

Lindsey said...

I love how dark her hair is coming in! Congrats on a light at the end of the tunnel!

Danalisa said...

he hair looks so cute! funny cheeky girl with the pose.

Jodi and Tony said...

Great news that her last chemo date is sooner than expected! And, Amanda, no offense but I like Milie's pose better than yours ;-)

Amanda said...

LOL! Me too Jodi! I just want a simple pose to document her hair.

johnjillhuz said...

LOL! She has the best angry face. It's is really sweet how you're documenting her hair growth. What a great idea!

Jim said...

To celebrate, I am going to have the biggest bowl of ice cream EVER on Feb 22, 2012.
We're glad for you guys and every it of good news that you get. Thanks for passing it along.

Chelsea said...

Look how long her hair is getting! WOW! She looks so great! Congrats on the final date, we got ours too-- only about 7 months behind you.

Eisha said...

Let millie know I like her pose the best! :-)