Monday, 13 September 2010


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September is Childhood Cancer awareness month...

Gold is the color of Childhood Cancer. Wear it proudly.
I am still learning all I can about childhood cancer, please do the same.
We learned the hard way that this can happen to ANY child at ANY time, lets do all we can to help find the cause and cure!

You can visit these sites for info and to donate-

*if you work for a corporation, tell them about Amelia and encourage them to donate to one of these charities this year!

--I also want to mention that Chili's is supporting St. Jude all month long and on September 27th they are donating ALL profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you can do nothing more, please go eat at Chili's on September 27th.

A few other foundations I want to talk about are:

Make a Wish

If you read our blog you have heard me talk about both of these organizations before. We think they are amazing! They have helped give Amelia HOPE. They aren't looking to cure cancer, they are looking to cure the heartache that comes along with the diagnosis.
We really couldn't make it through all this without them!

Hope Kids held a 5K walk/run on Saturday and we missed it because we were in Lake Powell. I heard it was a blast and I think they raised about $40,000! Thank you to all of you who have already donated to our fundraising page in Amelia's name, it means the world to us. We LOVE Hope Kids and if you want to donate in Amelia's name we are continuing to take donations for HopeKids this week.

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