Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Playing Catch Up

Saturday Millie was asked to do the Coin Toss at the Utah Blaze Game. She had so much fun! She skipped all the way on and off the field. Sadly we didn't get to stay for the whole game because she had been really naughty earlier in the day, but it was still a fun night.

Ashlee (Brady's cousin) and Millie
She is a Blaze dancer
Our excited little one.
Father's Day was perfect. Well for me it was, I hope Brady feels the same. :) Brady slept in while we made breakfast. We made a display of Brady's favs: Biscuits in Gravy, Hash browns, Sausage, and Cherries. Then we headed to church to watch Millie in their Father's Day Program. She only knew one song, but she was still as cute as can be. That is until she had a full blown tantrum and we had to drag her out. I had flash backs of when we lived in England and she'd scream bloody murder in the stores. We visited both our Papas and since I got him movie passes we went and saw the A-Team, he had been dying to see it. I have to admit that it was pretty funny. He also got to go golfing, it was a fun weekend.
Grandma Jager and Austin BoBoston
We got my dad a gift card for the Sugar House BBQ Company (he loves ribs) and Brady's dad a certificate to do iFly.
Grandma with the kiddos.

Friday Millie and I went to the Make A Wish building and she made PopArt with a company called Abracadoodle. It was really fun and her flag turned out really cool. I'll have to take a picture of the finished project.
Millie Update:
We took her blood counts today and they were great!
I'll let you know how it goes.


Danalisa said...

glad you are in maintenance phase! yeah!
love the g-parents pics!

Jesse C said...

Looks like it's been a great summer so far.

Eisha said...

that flipping the coin pix looks so cool! She will be a celebrity by the time she is done with treatments!