Thursday, 28 January 2010

Round 2

Millie started the next stage of her chemotherapy. I wish I could say it was an easier day then it was, but they had to access her port for the 1st time and do a Lumbar Puncture. Millie did pretty well with her port but it broke my heart to have to hold her down. I know it will always hurt when they push that big, fat needle into her chest, but I hope she can adjust.

Usually Millie does amazingly well with her LP's but this time was different. They hit a nerve yesterday, she couldn't straighten her legs at all even when she was lying down. There isn't much we can do for her but try to keep her flat on her back and apply heat.

Mill was heart broken when she couldn't go to school today. She begged me to let her go and we started getting ready, but I could tell on her face that she was in pain and I had to talk her out of it. Hopefully she'll be back to herself in a few days.

I'll try to post again tonight or tomorrow...AUSTIN IS 5 MONTHS TODAY!


Ames Family said...

I hope that she will be back to herself in a few days. She is such a sweet little girl and you are an INCREDIBLE mother Amanda. Thank you for the example you are setting for me. You are so patient and I love have you are doing all you can to cheer her up. Happy 5 months Austin! PS...Can Tate and I bring something over to Millie in the next few day? Or should we wait for Chemo to be over? I guess we don't have to see her, just drop off a get well gift.

The Buckley's said...

That would be SO hard as a mom. You are so strong Amanda! I hope she gets feeling better soon. She was missed at school today.

Jodi and Tony said...

Poor girl. But she is lucky because she has an amazing mom and dad. Give her lots of hugs for us. xoxo

Heidi said...

Amanda, you don't even remember me, I'm sure. I've been reading your updates for a week now and I just can't believe it! I was in your in-laws' ward - the primary president when you guys were in charge of the Blazers for a little while.
I found your story somehow and I had to let you know that I just can't stop thinking about you.
I have four girls of my own now, 6, 4 and two that are 2. My heart just aches for you guys. I'm amazed that you are totally rising up to this terrible situation. Millie is so lucky to have such a loving family and parents. Keep up your hard work. You and Brady are awesome. I'm thinking about you all.
Heidi Ballou

Ali said...

It's me, Ali Mays Flegal... just wanted to let you know that I have cried many tears over your daughter's situation. Please know you have our prayers and faith. I'm so sorry you have to watch her through this. She is so lucky to have such wonderful and devoted parents and great support system. I'm following your updates, I hope that's okay. Sending all our love from South Carolina,

Ali Flegal and family.

Danalisa said...

That sounds like it had to be really hard for you both. I hope she feels better in a few days. Poor gal..I know she loves school. I hope you are doing ok with all this! Been praying for're an amazingly strong person! Love you all!

Happy 5 months to Austin!

Jeremy said...

We've always got her (and you guys) in our thoughts and prayers.

tHe LaYtOnS said...

I just need to say that you guys are amazing and amazingly strong. You are inspiring to me. Thank you letting me check up on on you all on your blog. Love to you all:)