Friday, 15 January 2010

Momentous Occasions

I didn't think he was even close and all the sudden PLOP he was on his back. He can roll over both shoulders from his tummy to his back. I'm proud of our BIG boy!

Amelia also just took her last steroid for about 9 days! The poor girl looks like she is going to BLOW. Her little cheeks are not so little anymore and her poor belly is expended to the point of no return. She can't even put her shoes on. She has to roll to her side to get up. I feel so bad for her! I am hoping that this break will help her MOOD and her PUFFINESS.


Missy said...

It's so fun to have kids the same age, Addie and Austin seem to be hitting their milestones around the same time. And someday, maybe there will be a love connection...

I am so sorry about Millie. We have some good friends whose young son was on steroids for about 2 years and it sounds like your experiences are very similar. But he's been off now for a year and back to his sunshiny self so at least these side effects are temporary.

It makes you wonder about the teenage boys who take steroids for sports. What a crazy thing to choose to do to your body.

lindsay Roscoe said...
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