Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cancer Fighting Cuties

We had a play date with the other cancer kiddos at wheeler farm on Friday. It's so nice for these little ones to get together and be with other kids that know exactly what they're going through. There were eight cancer kids there total, and that's only a tiny portion of our Cancer Fighting Cuties group. I love all of this little people so much and admire them for their strength. I wish I'd gotten more pictures, there were two other little cuties, Nathaniel, and Jenna with us and I didn't get a shot of them :( . Thankfully there was an amazing photographer there with us taking pictures of all our cuties! Jen is awesome and she volunteered her time and talents to come take some shots for us. I have already seen a few and they are stunning, I can't wait to see the rest!

Thank you Jen so much for your kindness. These pictures will be priceless to all of us moms.

Millie, Izzy, Carson, Cami, Brinley, Elli, Koda


lindsay Roscoe said...

They are all SO cute!!

Alex Woodall said...

I love that collage amanda! Did you create that?? You have incredible kids, and i'm not saying that to be nice, Millie is so stinkin cute with koda, he just loves her, she is such a good hearted little gal! And i know she gets that from her momma! You are incredible! Thank you for being here for me through everything! Love ya!