Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bye Bye Broviac

I already wrote that Millie got her broviac out, but I didn't share what the day meant to her and to us. Millie has had some sort of tube sticking out of her body since she was 4 years old. First she had a Picc line, then they switched to a Port and before her transplant she had to get the Broviac. Her chest is covered in scars from everything being placed and then removed again. Every time I see them I am reminded of how incredible she is. It is a constant reminder of everything she has been through. Millie couldn't wait to get her line out! Her list of why: I can play with Jack (our dog) without worrying if he will bite my tubes, Austin and I can rough house without mom yelling, "STOP, he will pull your tubes", SWIMMING, taking a bath and shower for the first time in a really long time, running around more freely, and it also means I don't need my fluids, and I don't need as many medicines anymore, we don't have to flush my lines and I don't have to taste how nasty they are. It was the worst. 

I have to admit it was strange to see her tube free. She didn't seem like MY Millie. My Millie has chemo, fluids, and medicine running through her, she has tubes sticking out of her chest.  Those things have been a part of her for so long and now they're not. It was amazing to say goodbye, but strange all at the same time. 
It will be amazing to see Millie be Millie without all the extras. 

Meet Porter.
He is awesome and I admire him so much. I can't imagine the strength it must take for him to face losing his leg to cancer at 16 years old, but he smiles. Oh, how I love all these cancer kids.

We had to get a couple pictures before her surgery. Isn't it crazy that she had that sticking right out of her body.

Millie and her comforts.
Blankie and Lemur have been through everything with her. When we aren't allowed to stay they are. Is it weird to be grateful for items? Because I am. I love that lemur and blankie.

Even though she'd been at the hospital all day, been under anesthesia, and had surgery she still wanted to be outside playing.

I love my tube free girl!


Ashley Richards said...

Yah Amanda! That is so great to hear. Millie is just so dang cute. Sure love her and you guys.

Ashley Richards

S Sorenson said...


Selman said...

Yah Millie!! Lexe had her Broviac removed yesterday. You're right, it's great to be tube free!! Glad to see you're doing so well. Keep up the fight!!

Danalisa said...

awesome!! amazing post, amazing girl!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this little girl! And her family! You guys are amazing! I'm so happy that Millie doesn't have to deal with that anymore!- Miss Patti

Brianna Miller said...

Like on instagram I taped it two times to lime on every picture! :) after I felt dumb but I guess I did it out of habit I wish I could like the photos I would like every one of them. Every night I lay in bed and pray for your family ( even though we all know every thing will be all right) I love you all give every one a hug for me - brianna miller

Anonymous said...

I first came across your blog about a year ago, when researching childhood cancer awareness for a school project. I continued to read and pray for your family as you fought cancer not once, but twice. I am so sorry to hear from Ps I adore you, that Millie has once again relapsed. She is such a beautiful, incredible, and brave little girl and I will continue to pray that she beats cancer for the third time. This time, remaining in a life long remission. If you choose to update your blog as enter this journey for the third time, I will continue to follow and pray and try to fundraise/bring awareness for children like Millie, Cami and all the other adorable cancer cuties. I hope you have a great christmas, as a family, despite being in the hospital. Merry Christmas, god bless.