Saturday, 10 November 2012

Birthday, CureSearch, 100 Days!

So much has happened in the last month or so and I feel I will never catch up on the blog. Sometimes I wonder why I even write, but I know why. I forget everything, even the moments I think I will hold onto forever, or the funny things Austin and Millie say or do. I know that one day I will look back on this blog and be so grateful that I kept some sort of account from all of this. That being said...

The end of September was a huge month for us. We celebrated Millie's 7th birthday and I can honestly say that there were sometimes doubts that was won't reach it, but we did and Millie is doing incredibly well. I am grateful every single day for the prayers that have come her way and ours. I don't have the right words to say how amazing it is to be home with my family all together and not separated by the hospital anymore. All that is past us now, and I am typing today listening to Millie and Austin singing while eating their lunch, OK now they are fighting, but I'm still grateful. 

We also celebrated Amelia hitting her 100 day mark post transplant. This was a big deal for her. They tested her marrow and we found out she had 100% of her donor marrow and that she was also cancer free! She was able to start tapering off her meds, have her broviac removed, eat basically whatever she wants, and just feel a little more like herself in general. 

It was also the CureSearch walk. What an amazing experience that was. Not only for my family, but the whole childhood cancer community. Team Amelia really stepped up and we were able to raise an insane amount of money for research. Thank you to everyone that donated and to everyone that came out to walk with Millie and her cancer friends. I was in awe of how many people were there for us. I am speechless with the support and love that always comes our way. I am so blessed and honored to have so many wonderful people around us. 

Millie's birthday

Isn't' she lovely.

Make a wish sweet angel.

2nd Annual CureSearch Walk in SLC. 

Sadly I never got a group picture of our entire team and I also struggled at taking pictures at all. I did get a few, but if anyone has some good ones of Team Amelia please send them my way. 

Millie was lucky enough to have 2 other amazing fighters walking with us this year. Thank you Nico and Spencer for bring your families and joining our team in honor of Millie when we should have been walking for you. You both are my hero, and Millie is going to be a better person for knowing you. Cancer Sucks, but it has also brought many amazing people into our lives. 

Help Them Grow Old, WEAR GOLD!  

Nico and Millie

Since Millie hit her 100 day mark Nico gave her a pad of 100 dollar bills! No joke! A dollar a day.

We will forever be in debt to the nurses that care for Millie and we were so grateful to see some of them
there. We love you ladies! You make a difference in our lives.

We can always count on Swoop to come support Millie and this time he brought all his mascot friends with him. THANK YOU! All the kids were so happy to see you there.

OK, we seriously have the best nurses, including our home health nurse, Dylan. He is the best! So grateful to the support and care he gives Millie.

Spencer and fam, I am truly in awe of you. Spencer is honestly a miracle walking and there he was walking and supporting us.

More Team Amelia walkers: 
love you all!

And some cancer fighters we saw along the way. The one and only Cami and the rock star Rachel.


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