Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 5

Brady spent most of the day with Millie and once again it was very mild. Brady said she didn't go to sleep until around 1 am which is hard on everyone, but it was just because she wasn't tired. That's what happens when you sleep a lot during the day. It's a nasty cycle. He also had to run into work for a meeting so Nana came to play and they had a great time. Millie loves it when her Nana visits. Tonight Millie was even feeling well enough to play games with Grandpa Jeff and I. 

She has been complaining a little about her throat. She says it feels weird. Our nurse thinks there are probably sores forming down it. Just because she doesn't have any in her mouth doesn't mean they can't form anywhere else in her digestive tract. I kind of had the impression that it would be mouth first and others parts later, but that's not the case. Hopeully it's nothing and her throat really does just feel weird.

Austin and I ran around all over town trying to get everything done I have to do in a week. He was great until it came time to get my hair cut. Then he decided to scream randomly and drive a motorcyle on my head. Very helpful. Tonight he is home snuggling his daddy and couldn't be happy.

Here's to another uneventful day and hopefully night.


lindsay Roscoe said...

So grateful everything has been uneventful so far. Love you all.

Eisha said...

keep the good news coming!