Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day 2

Holy Cow, the time is going so slow. I was thinking we were Day 5 or so and it's only day 2!!! Well all in all it was another great day for all of us. Millie had a rough morning again, but they were a little better prepared this time around so she didn't get quite as sick. She is still eating pretty well which is so great and her mouth sores are also holding out. Every day we go without those nasty buggers is a day my prayers have been answered.

Millie was starting to feel a little ill again tonight, but now she is fast asleep and I hope dreaming about something beautiful. Although, she told Brady that sometimes dreams are sad because you may be dreaming you live on a Disney Cruise and then you wake up and you're here. She is so silly.

I can also tell the the reality of what is about to happen to her body is setting in. I had to prepare her for the fact that soon her mouth will erupt with sores as we can see them forming, and tonight before falling asleep she told me she was scared. She shouldn't have to worry about this crap and sometimes it makes me so mad. Thankfully her nurse tonight was handsome (her words, not mine) because he was able to distract her and get her giggling again. So thankful for the amazing staff here at Primary Children's Hospital. Don't know what we'd do without the love they have for my baby girl.

Let's see, as for Austin he also had a pretty good day. I'm trying to remember what we did before we came to the hospital, but I honestly don't know... The days are blending. Brady did take him to his cousin's birthday party this evening and he had a blast. He loves his cousin Lincoln. They are so funny together. He also got his first haircut since we shaved it all off months ago. At first he was freaked out, but once he realized his Aunt Kim was only cutting off a little and not all of it he was fine. Apparently I traumatised the kid when I buzzed him. Sorry little man.

Pictures... I did get some today, but they are on my phone and it doesn't want to load them for some reason. Oh, the one I really was looking forward to posting was of a book Millie made for Austin today. It was the sweetest thing. It was full of all the pictures and stories of the fun things they like to do together. I'll post when I can get it working.

Goodnight all


Shelly said...

couldn't sleep cause waves of nausea hit. Just checked your blog and was excited to see this post. I cannot wait to see this book she made. So so clever. Cody was excited he got to see brady today!

David H said...

Thank you so much for updating Amanda, I know it's so time consuming and you have so much going on. Hope the mouth sores stay away today too. And tomorrow. And the next day. Love you guys.

David H said...

Haha, that was Kristin, I didn't realize I was signed into his account. Although he loves you guys too!


The Buckley's said...

We have been thinking about you guys so much the last couple of days. Braxton would really like to come visit or facetime with Millie.