Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 1

Brady has been with Millie this morning. He called to give me an update and although she sounded like she was doing great, it didn't start out that way. Millie woke up horribly nauseated. She threw up everywhere and was hunched over in pain. There are a number of reason as to why she could be feeling ill, but it's probably her body freaking out due to the new cells that have entered her body. Thankfully we have an awesome nurse today and she took excellent care of my sweet Amelia.  Her nurse got her some zofran, pain medicine, cleaned her up, and set her in bed with a warm pack. When I spoke with her she sounded pretty happy and was getting ready to draw pictures of all the things she looks forward to doing when she is finally well enough to be out in the world again.

Today I am home with Austin and he has been such a silly guy. We watched Ponyo this morning, one of his favorites, and sat around in our pjs. It's so nice to be home with him and I enjoy every second of it. Right now he is telling me the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have had a great day together. He randomly comes up and gives me a kiss or snuggle. He's happy to have his mommy at home.

This afternoon Millie got a visit from her cancer buddy, Cami. Millie seriously couldn't have been happier to see her, even if it was only through the window of her door. Aren't they funny little things. 

                            Photo: Playing ANY way they can!!! Love you (super strong and amazing) Millie!

In the early evening Austin and I headed out to grab some special request items from the Miss and then headed straight to the hospital. When we first got there Millie was asleep and Austin was so bummed he wasn't going to get to play with his sis. Finally we decided we'd try to wake her up since it was too early for her to go to bed for the night anyway.  Brady and I were a little nervous since Millie really does not like to be woken up, but I'm so glad we did. My little bugs couldn't have been happier to see each other and it was actually the best time we have had together as a family since Millie has ever been in the hospital. Being 2, Austin can be a bit tricky around a lot of buttons and things he isn't suppose to touch. It was a great night filled with giggles, playing temple run on the iPad, snuggling, and watching Bolt.

When Austin climbed into bed with Millie he said, "I miss you", and gave her a kiss.  Then he asked Brady if  she was coming home. When Brady told him no, not yet, Austin said, "but I need her".  
It was the sweetest thing.

It was just starting to get dark when Austin and I got home and since it was so nice out we decided to take Jack for a walk. It was a wonderful way to end the day for us, but sadly Millie has been having a rough night emotionally. All in all I think it was a pretty good day for Millie, but it seems that she is either really high or really low. I am so grateful her mouth sores haven't erupted yet. You can see a few starting to form, but the longer they hold off the better.


lindsay Roscoe said...

Thost two have a bond stronger than any 2 kids i know. They do love each other.

Shelly said...

That is the sweetest thing that Austin said. I love those pictures of them together! I am so excited to read these posts daily! I am so glad you guys had a fabulous family day together! Those kiddos love you!

Danalisa said...

aw, their relationship is so wonderfully sweet! How special! Love the pictures of them together!