Sunday, 26 February 2012

What was thought to be the end.

It's hard for me to look back at these pictures. Both Brady and I had a little bit of an unsettling feeling as we were going into our "last" clinic appointment. The whole day felt off some how, and now we know why.

Millie getting check-in; height, weight, and blood pressure. She always would stand on her tip toes to try and trick Pam.

Good Night Sweet Girl.

In recovery

Not a happy camper when she wakes up,

until we are on our way home and she finally gets to eat her rainbow cupcake.


Cousin Sherry put together a surprise get together at the house. We drove up to everyone chanting Millie's name and waving signs congratulating her. It was a good moment. I have videos, but I don't feel like posting them.

Thank you to everyone who came out and to those of you that have been a support to us over the past couple years. We love you.


Ava Kate Millie Whitney Melody
Millie was able to have 3 days of celebrating before we landed back at the hospital. They let us come home Monday night and be together as a family before we were to start the next insane portion of our life. From here on out this blog will be dedicated to Miss Millie and her FINALLY battle with cancer.
Thank you so much for the prayers that have been coming in. We feel them every single day.


Eisha said...

Poor Millie!!

lea said...

Im so sorry Amanda. My heart is broken and Im sure yours is too. Please tell me if I can do ANYTHING for you. Id love too! McKall has access to my iPod and would love to FaceTime if Millie is lonely...

Hang in there my friend...I will continue to pray for you.

Chelsie said...

Oh I just hate that you're dealing with this. HATE IT! I hope her counts recover as quickly as possible and you're able to spend some good quality family time before you have to head back in.

You are all so beautiful and amazing.

Ang said...

I don't know you guys well but I have followed Millie's story for a while. It breaks my heart. I just wanted to tell you that we pray for Millie everyday! You are all amazing.