Saturday, 3 March 2012

More pics from Millie's "Last Day"

Happy to Be Here

Yes, she wakes up and her hair just looks like that. Well, it's gone now, but it did. :)

One of Millie's favorite games to play while waiting for the docs.

Love this girl.

Love them both.

Pam (checks Millie in ever month), Rachele (Child Life), Millie's Nurse

Rock Star

Dr. Verma with Millie (Mill was suppose to be her 1st ever kiddo to finish treatment for A.L.L.)

Ringing the bell to announce to everyone that she is finished! This picture is almost more then I can bare.


Danalisa said...

=( sad that it wasn't the end for you all. Her curls are gorgeous and will grow in again when she kicks cancer's ass for good!

Chelsie said...

I hate cancer so much. All I can think are either awful swear words or extreme tenderness for Millie's sweet and strong spirit. And I hate that cancer makes me feel both of those at once.

We love you guys.

Natasha Buckner said...

She is beyond precious. We love you!