Friday, 19 August 2011


Tonight's video was going to be of Austin splashing in the gutter water on our walk, but you get a little extra...

That's my boy.

Amelia update:
Amelia had clinic yesterday. It is so nice every time they come because I know we are a little closer to being done with all of this. Amelia started a new round in Maintenance which means she had to have a Lumbar Puncture. This is when they take out some of her spinal fluid and replace it with a chemo called, Methotrexate. Amelia was fabulous and like always she was a little trooper. Her Aunt Lindsay got to come with us this time and it was so nice to have her. Usually Lindsay takes Austin for me so this is the first opportunity she has had to come. Amelia wanted Lindsay to be a part of everything. They did crafts together, Lindsay held her while her PORT was accessed, she carried her throughout the hospital, and got to be with her when she went under anesthesia. Actually we both got to go back, which was amazing. They usually only let 1 adult in the room while they are put under.

Getting her bandage on over her PORT. It keeps the needle in her chest while she is up and about. I am so grateful for her PORT!
Dr. Verma checking her out.

Amelia couldn't be bothered to get her name check so she continued to color and without a word stuck her leg back for the nurse to read off her ID number.

Same when it came to to getting her Vincrsitine. She's too busy to stop even for chemo. I on the other hand always feel sick to my stomach when I see the nurse covered from top to bottom in protective gear and Amelia is getting this poison pushed straight to her little body.
The top picture is Amelia going under anesthesia and the picture below is her in the recovery room. Her amazing anesthesiologist came and got my camera and took this picture for me. We aren't usually allowed in the back until she starts waking up a little.

Now for the hair update:

I didn't post in July so there is a big difference since June. I can't believe how long it's gotten. Her curls are also holding on for now. And did you notice the lovely new bands? I should get a better picture soon, but she had been playing in the sprinklers and pushed them to the side a little. She got tree sap in them and decided I would be mad at her so she cut it out. It did not take one snip, but THREE to finally get it out. Yep, thought I'd be mad she had sap in her hair, not that she'd cut it. It was a smart move on her part since we have been telling her for the past 1.5 years that hair doesn't matter. Can't get mad at her for that one. She said, "It's just hair mom, it'll grow back. It's not the end of the world you know." She's right. It's just hair and at least she had hair to cut off in the first place.

Clinic Stats:

Height: 108 cm

Weight: 18.6 kg

ANC: 700

Wish us luck this week, she is already a wreck on her steroids. I hate hate they make her feel so awful and there's nothing we can do.


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Missy said...

One more month down! That Amelia is one tough cookie. I break into a sweat going to the dentist.
PS the hair looks great!

Danalisa said...

Love love love the pic of Austin dressed up! haha Horray for Millie being one month closer to done! she is such a trooper!

Piano Mom said...

Wow, Millie's hair is growing so long. And, those curls are AMAZING! Seriously, they are so beautiful. I'm glad all is going well. You guys are still scheduled for being done in February right? Times seems to be flying by!

Anonymous said...

Look at those curls! Amazing!!! I hope Millie is doing ok. I sure love her!!! - Miss Patti