Thursday, 18 August 2011

Austin Day 18

Amelia had clinic today and since it was the start of a new round she had to get a Lumbar Puncture. She did wonderfully as always, and I will try to post more about it tomorrow. I never did update in July so we are way past due on an Amelia update.

One of the videos I wanted to get of Austin that I thought would be the easiest was him playing He-Man, I was mistaken. I finally got it tonight. It's not the cutest, but oh well. He always holds anything that remotely resembles a sword up in the air and hollers He-Ham. I love that both my kids like She-Ra and He-Man.


Jesse C said...

These videos are great. He is such a funny kid.

Danalisa said...

I love that he knows he-man too! What a great childhood classic! =)

Kristina said...

hahahaha, He-Ham! I love it!