Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Millie's Mail

I think I have been avoiding this post because I am not sure how to get across how I feel and I want all of you to know how much you mean to me. Having something to look forward to on a DAILY basis has been amazing. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for you taking time out of your lives to be a part of ours.
When we started this we were hoping to get a postcard or a small letter every day or so and it turned into massive amounts of mail. Some postcards, some pictures, some packages, lots of darling headbands, cards from our neighbors, lots of letters from family, dinosaur bones, messages from people we don't know, including emails from China. Melody, one of Brady's classmates from Oxford told her parents about us and they copied our post to their blog and translated it into Chinese, their family and friends email us all the time. I am astounded at the love and support we have received.
One of Brady's high school friends, Jesse wrote a one of a kind song just for Millie. The only thing he got from us was that she wants to be EVERYTHING when she grows up, and how all the colors are her favorite. From that, he got THIS.
(here are the lyrics if you want to read as you listen)
Close your eyes, think of what you'll be
And everywhere you'll go and what you'll see.
A cowgirl on the range, or an astronaut in space,
Or a mommy with a babe, or all of these.
Millie Millie no matter what you do
We'll be right by your side
To share it all with you.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.
You're gonna fight fight fight 'till the sun goes down
Fight fight fight for the whole year round
You're gone smile and hope and believe.
What is red if we have no green?
The blue without the orange means nothing.
The shadows violet haze
Cast from the burning golden rays.
How can you pick a favorite one
From all you've seen?
Millie Millie you'll always have a friend
Someone to pick you up and dust you off again.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.
Tilt your head, look up to the sky
And in the starry night you'll see a satellite.
And you can touch it with your eyes,
And you can wish inside your heart,
And it will be your shooting star every night.
words and music by Jesse Crowley
Millie also received a special meditation that was made for her personally. Amelia calls it her "Millie Adventure". I met Stin when Brady and I went with The Rose Foundation about 7 years ago to help build schools in Guatemala, but Stin is one of Cousin Sherry's best buds. She is amazing and her voice is so soothing. Millie has to listen to her adventure at least twice every night. If you want to learn more about what Stin does check her out HERE.

Every little, tiny note Amelia has received has meant the world to all of us. I can't believe how blessed we are. You are all amazing and thank you for being a part of this. Amelia and Austin are everything and while Amelia is going through all this uncertainty the one thing she can count on is LOVE from you.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

New Orleans, Cambodia, Dubai, Utah, Ireland, Finland, New York, The World Expo, Germany, Washington D.C., Australia, New Jersey, California, Ohio, Canada, London, Pennsylvania, Oxford, Indiana, Jordan, Thailand, Colorado, Arizona, Las Vegas, Illinois, Florida, Brighton, Connecticut, Texas, Massachusetts, Oregon, Singapore, and Paris
*If you haven't sent a letter and want to it's not too late. We hope that she will continue to receive them through the end of this phase of chemo, which is about another month. Of course we will welcome all mail as long as you are willing to send it!


blair said...

That song is incredible!!! WHAT AN awesome thing to do for Millie - and something she and your whole family will treasure for EVER!! I'm so glad this has been a success for Millie & you guys, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

Danalisa said...

AMAZING song..made me cry! Love your mail photo shoot. What an amazing post. Glad the mail is making you all smile. We love you!!

Irene said...

Hi There (this is Danalisa's friend). You have an amazing little girl! Loved the pics of her and her fan-mail and the song is brilliant. Sending love and best wishes :)

Jodi and Tony said...


A said...

This is amazing! Millie is such an inspiration to me and her little trial is and will continue to bless my life and all these people around the world. This is how Heavenly Father works... he uses innocent, strong, patient little children to touch the lives of all HIS children here on earth. Thank you for being such and amazing mother and allowing Millie to touch mine and Ellie's life.

Kat said...

What a great Song I absolutley loved it and since Mimi is awake for her nighly chemo pill she got to hear it and love it too!
Mail from MA will be coming soon :)

Shelly said...

Wow that is amazing! I love the post and love the song and all the tributes. You are such an amazing mommy! I just found out that she is having a little set back this time around. I'll call you soon! Trying to get little ones asleep! love you guys!

The Yarn Queen said...

Love you all.

Jesse C said...

So great to see all the support she is getting. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

So today is our last day of preschool and the first day of the last round of chemo. I just want to thank you for letting me spend this time with your beautiful little Amelia! What a gift for me to be able to be a small part of Amelia's "experience". She truly is an inspiration to me, as well as are both of you. I will miss seeing her darling little face this summer. Please stop by and say hi when you are in the neighborhood. Love to you all!!! - Miss Patti

Mike and Me said...

Thank you to all of you from Millie's Grandma and Grandpa Jager for your thoughts, wishes, prayers, mail but most of all just being there listening loving and supporting Millie and her family. Millie is one in thousands going through this or a similar trial but she is ours and all your support lifts and lightens our burdens and brings a smile to our faces as Millie's Grand Parents. Thank you Jesse for the wonderful song and as it did for many, the tears came unencumbered.
We love you Millie, Austin, Brady and Amanda. Thank you all for loving them too.

Grandma and Grandpa Jager

James said...

Millie is one beautiful little girl and it breaks my heart when I think of the tough trial she has been going through. My family will definitely keep her and your family in our prayers.

sportzmom said...

I would love to send mail from Maryland...and I can get others from West Virginia and North Carolina. Please send me your address. My email is sportzmom@comcast.net. Thanks.