Thursday, 20 May 2010

Millie's Artwork

Millie has NEVER drawn on our walls before, I guess there is a 1st for everything...
Austin's Room
(on his BRAND NEW beadboard)

Our Room

Millie's bathroom

Amelia's room

It's smeared a little because she tried to clean it off herself. I have to admit that I was a little sad to have to clean it off.

Kitty, Austin, Millie (with hair she said), Brady, Amanda
She even signed her work.
We did get most of her drawings off the walls, but we will definitely have to repaint. :(
Amelia was suppose to start her 4 day infusions today, but sadly her ANC count was too low to continue with her chemo. We have been very blessed that we haven't had this happen before. Her nurse thinks her ANC was so low because she may be battling a small cold. All of her other blood counts were fine, but since the ANC was .1 we are stuck at the house this week. She is at an extremely high risk for infection. I really do feel lucky that we haven't had to put off her treatment before today, but I am a little depressed. Today was suppose to be the start of the end. She would have had two 4 day infusions and a week break and it would have been maintenance. Now we are looking at another month.
Please keep her in your prayers this week and let's hope she will be strong enough to continue on next Thursday!


The Laytons said...

Love the artwork:) She and all of you are always in our prayers!!

Jesse C said...

The artwork is great, sorry you have to repaint. Hopefully she can be better for Thursday.

lindsay Roscoe said...

I really do love the artwork. I think it is priceless! Plus she isn't my child and it wasn't my house so I can laugh!

Jodi and Tony said...

I have to admit that this made me laugh! Millie is quite the artist. And you have the pictures to remember it...priceless.

Thinking about you guys and hoping her counts are up for next Thursday. xoxo

Danalisa said...

Will be praying for her counts to go up. I love that she signed the artwork! haha

The Yarn Queen said...


Mike and Me said...

Reminds me of when you Codie and Lindsay put big nails in the walls strung a rope from nail to nail put a sheet over the rope and you had made a tent. You did not get punished either. The 3 of you followed the directions in the book perfectly.